A few ales this weekend?

Looks like i’ll be on the dry tonight but a good chance i’ll be making up for it tomorrow. glug glug

I lost all my money on a “tip” Mac PM’d me yesterday so it’ll be beans and dutch gold for me this weekend.

Not even a hint of a drink for me this weekend I’d say.

Football Final Sunday, monday off.

I’ll have a few :pint: tonight.

We’ll see then after that.

On the dry.

Do you want me to copy the conversation up here for everyone to see? :stuck_out_tongue:

Going to see the Shinty at the weekend :pint: :pint: :pint:

When you get caught between the Moon and New York City… :pint:

Please tell me you’re not dressing up, bro?

Of course I am. I’m Idaho!

Handy few tonight after the dogs, couple of half one at the coursing tomorrow, and then a right display of piggery tomorrow night.

Dying with the flu for the last couple of days so might give it a miss this weekend

You seem to suffer a bit from the flu buddy - you should make sure you get your vegetables in every day.

no more than most I would say, farmer, but thanks for your concern, means a lot to me…

No worries.

You must be a right soft cunt.
You have a flu once a month.

What are you dressing up as Farmer?

Is is actually a flu puke? Or is it what most irish people call a flu?

Puke has man flu