A little bit of cop on

It’s shameful and embarrasing that it has come to this but like Pippa and Tom (RIP), or even Pippa and Michael (RIP), I have to gather everyone around for a meeting to discuss how we’re functioning as a family these days.

You might think living on a caravan site or posting on TFK is a haven for free spirits, and in many ways we’ve been terribly accommodating. Not many sites out there would accommodate troublemakers like Gypsy Nash or Mickee or tolerate the blandness of Gola or Fran or Miles but it is to our credit (and I include the entire family in this) that we’ve all genearlly gotten along so well.

And yet, there is a recent undercurrent of a couple of bad eggs upsetting things. Maybe it coincided with the arrival of the River Boys to Summer Bay or perhaps it relates more to the influx of refgugees from AFR but either way there’s an insolence and unacceptable cheek about the behaviour of some people around these parts lately.

I blame Bandage and me in part. Perhaps the stern tones of Mr Stewart would have been more applicable in recent days than the softer approach that the likes of Dr Saunders and Bandage have employed. Nevertheless I think we’re all old enough to have a look at ourselves and question our own contributions. We’re not a family of many rules but we do have a few and it’s worth reiterating them here again:

  1. Attack the post all you like but please make sure to attack the poster.
  2. Please do not post the real world names of members.
  3. Please do not use racist language.
  4. Please do not defame people.
  5. Please do not post about the list of famous people we are forbidden from posting about. For clarity they are: Paul Collins (not actually famous but you know the guy I mean), Michelle Smith (and aliases) and whoever else I’ve forgotten.
  6. Please do not make jokes about child abuse or use child abuse in point scoring debates.

I love each and every one of you but repeated infringments of the above rules will see posters go the way of Ball Ox and exiled temporarily (like Roo) or permanently (like Ball Ox or Ric Dalby).


Id be intrigued to hear what Runt has to say about all this

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Mambo No.5 whhaaaa

Why are we not allowed mention Paul Collins? Is this why he gets refered to as Caul Pollins?

It could be down to the fact that he has the most annoying accent in Ireland??? :strokechin:

Plus he is as funny as crabs! :mad:

you were doing fine until number 6. cant see the likes of mickee and co being able to restrain them selves. bandage has form in that area as well

post reported


this fucker has some cheek, “restraint” is something unknownst to him.
The worst thing about it all is he just cant stop, every post has a reference to this, be it about the Clare U-14’s or whatever else he and his cohorts discuss… even now he uses Rocko’s thread as an opportunity for sly digs and point scoring at me but im not going to stoop to that level, last night it was people with mental disabilities and he boasting about how he visits their “internet forums”. a sick, sick creature
No wonder BeTimberin is the way he is, having to listen and put up with TAN

FFS man, show a bit of cop on. Post Reported.

What a bizarre revelation

? Expand please

I’m sure you would

I didn’t think Eoin or Hugh had a problem with that. Thanks for highlighting it Rocko, I shan’t refer to them by their christian names again. :clap:


No Hugh

Hugh who?

regarding point 2… are we still allowed to address Kev as Kev?

Please FOAD you unfunny cunt.