A new low for Irish Soccer #34327

Soccer steward attacked by own ‘fans’

By Mark Hilliard
Monday August 29 2011

UP to 30 soccer hooligans clashed with gardai at an FAI Cup tie over the weekend after Bohemians football club sent stewards to identify its own black-listed fans.
Gardai were forced to use pepper spray in a bid to contain the group of agitators who were said to be intoxicated and intent on violence.
A spokesman for Bohemians said that one of its own stewards was set upon by supporters.
No arrests were made at the Flancare Park ground in Longford on Saturday night although a Garda investigation is ongoing after one person was brought to hospital with minor injuries.
A file will be forwarded to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
“I know it sounds bonkers to say that a Bohemians steward would be attacked by people purporting to be Bohemians fans but that seems to be what happened,” said the club spokesman.
The steward in question lost a tooth in the incident.
The hooligans behind Saturday’s violent outburst belong to a group known as the Bohemians ‘Casuals’ – a hardcore base of fans, generally intent on causing trouble.
Before the fixture, the Football Association of Ireland had contacted Bohemians with information that a number of its fans, forbidden from attending club games, were travelling to the fixture.
In response, Bohemians dispatched their own stewards to assist gardai and security.
When a number of fans were prevented from entering the ground, at least a dozen more who were already inside came back out to involve themselves in the brawl.
Gardai were forced to use pepper spray to disperse those involved. The fixture, which Bohemians won 3-1, did not experience any delays as a result.

  • Mark Hilliard

TASE, tell us more about Shels throwing some match the other night?

think bohs are a british club mate

all over betting forums before the shels game the other night that they were going to lose & lo & behold they did- bookies have stopped paying out

fooley would know more as he is a shels man

Seems everything that Fooley is involved in is dodgy.

3 cracking goals from Sheriff, mind you. Although the ballooned penalty that Shels had was suspect looking alright.

Fuck sake!

I’ve done a bit of research, Powers are saying they paid out over €70,000 on the match.
Sherrif Street were backed from 25/1 into 15/8.

A large number of the wages were on Shels/Sherrif HT/FT.


Has this been reported anywhere?

I read it in thread, where a report was copied from the Sunday World. It might be bogus.

In another twist to this tale, Sherrif YC have now been kicked out of the cup for fielding an ineligable player against Shels.

What’s the story here?

Aren’t Sherrif YC a Junior club ?

Better chance of a professional career in Gaelic football.

Fuck, that’s huge

Sheriff are AUL and compete in the junior FAI or at least they did

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Sheriff won the FAI junior cup about 4 times in the last decade and lost a few semi finals and finals too. They were quite an old side for a finish.

Yeah, tidy side. Fairview won the last one.

I would have played against that Fairview team that won 3 in a row in the early 2000’s. Theyd a fella who played midfield from Dublin, small roundy lad who was absolutely outstanding. Just a couple of levels above, upstairs. He had nothing physically and you still couldn’t get near him

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Sheriff had some aura about them. Unbeatable at home on their astro turf pitch. When they were beaten early in the 2017/18 competition there was some celebrating done by their arch enemies St. Michael’s of Tipp Town.

Are Fairview back they are?

The side they had around the turn of the millennium was absolutely incredible.

They had some great battles with St. Michael’s back in those days. I remember being at one memorable one in Turners Cross in 2002, the same day Tipp beat Clare in the Munster Championship.