A new low for Israel. How low can they go?

More than 10 people have been killed after Israeli commandos stormed a convoy of ships carrying aid to the Gaza Strip, the Israeli army says.

Armed forces boarded the vessels overnight, clashing with some of the 600 protesters on board.

It happened about 40 miles (64 km) out to sea, in international waters.

Israel says its soldiers were shot at and attacked with bars and knives; the activists say Israeli troops came on board shooting.

The European Union has called for an inquiry to establish what happened.

Pretty harsh response from the Israelis here.

I’m with the Palestines and Iran on this, the aim needs to be to eliminate this country. Nuke it, and in 20 years when its safe to go back, give it to the Palestines.

Weren’t there Irish TDs on this mission? Maybe not on this ship but on the mission itself, think the aid was going to be divvied up between a few little boats and they were going to run the gauntlet of the blockade. That’s a simply unbelievable response towards non-combatants. Of course very little will be done about it because of who it is. If it was Iran or North Korea it would surely mean war.

The Irish TD’s were refused permission by Cypriot authorites to join the floatilla, so were not onboard the vessels. I think it Angeus O’Snodaigh and Barry Andrews that were to be part of it.


Its ruining my afterglow of the Tipp game to be honest.

Michael D Higgins is involved somehow with this crew, made reference to it during the debate on GHook on Friday when he called Michael Graham wanker.

Tis a bit mental shooting to poor crusties.

I wonder what George Galloway would make of all this…

The boat was in international waters. There was a discussion on Pat Kenny’s programme about t. That Tom Carew clown from the Ireland-Isreal Friendship League was on it. He claimed that the people on the ship had links to Al Qaeda, whoever and whatever Al Qaeda is. I believe there was actually a Jewish holocaust survivor on the ship.

Some disgraceful posts on this topic. The state of Israel is a disgrace and this is a horrific act of state murder but there werent too many calling on the Brits to be nuked after Bloody Sunday or the States to be nuked after how many CIA linked atrocities. Money talks the other walks in this world unfortunately and Israel has plenty of money.

Fuck all would happen to Iran or North Korea either SS if they perpetutated something similar. Look at the Western world falling over backwards to accomodate China. If it was some tin pot country like Afghanistan or Iraq then sanctions would follow alright. The only thing that the Israelis will understand is financial sanctions but cant see it happening either.

19 dead is the latest unofficial figure.

Just to reiterate, this is armed Israeli paratroopers boarding and opening fire on a civilian ship carrying humanitarian aid in international waters.


Footage of the attack here.

At 40secs in the clip it looks pretty much like the Israeli soldier is pumping bullets into someone on the ground.

15 Turkish nationals dead. The response from Ankara will be interesting. This is a bloody disgrace.

“We have the right to protect our people” - Israeli amaassador to Ireland Zion Evrony. From a humanitarian aid ship?

Not even heading to Israel either ffs. :angry:

Your so naive its worrying. I don’t think you should be in that big bad country on your own.

Sounds like a replica of the sampan scene in Apocalypse Now.

And I’m the one that is naive. :rolleyes:

You’re just a simpleton. You made the right choice leaving Arklow to head back to the backarse of Cork. Having a good cry with your auld lad after Cork won a first round championship match. I’m happy for you :clap:

Terrible. Israel will find it hard to get out of this one…

There’ll be a few stern words from the usual suspects. Talks of enquires etc, but nothing will happen. It all depends on how the Turks react to this really. They have every right to treat it as an act of war.