A new low for the GGA- Gaaliban scum

word has reached me that a punter had a knife pulled on him by a wexford fan. this was in the terrace in Thurles after Cork beat them in the 2nd replay of hurling League final in '93.

Really, thats fucking disgraceful. Lock up your children lads, the GAA is going to get ya.


so you read the ryan report?

Maybe i did, is Ryan a GAA journalist? If you give me the match i might be able to narrow it down for you, or what media outlet he’s with.

I would like to see a full investigation made into this. Maybe John Gormley and the Greens if they get time might give it a look…

where does the ryan report refer to the GAA?

a shit load of times- read it

go away you sick fcuk…i’d say all the pages of your copy of it are well stuck together at this stage…ye dirty pig!!..


read the report & apologise for supporting a sport that harboured these sickos


i have read it. where odes it mention the GAA?

You’re a fiend for even suggesting that…

hurling is mentioned dozens of time- ive put the links up before

that’s just the way the fake crake rolls i’m afraid…don’t mind his cover story of finding love along the rabbit proof fence…its all an act…he’s obsessed with buggery and paedophilia…the sick toad!!

fake crake?

That’s the GGA you’re talking about. Right?

is the fake crake a nickname for archbishop croke?

whilst i respect you candour NCC ill have to recheck the report as i dont recall such.

please do- there were links to it here before