A new low for the GGA -part 5673

Tommy Rooney on Twitter: “Damning footage of the scenes in Dr. Hyde Park where Mountbellew-Moylough players turned on ref Jerome Henry at FT. Pitiful end to what was a great battle w/ Pearses! FWIW go to 1:27:20 for the mark that was never given, would imagine this was the issue. https://t.co/jYyPuwtKMs https://t.co/UQz2rTLjYc” / Twitter

Are you not able to embed a tweet mate?

@Rocko please guide @Little_Lord_Fauntleroy on this

That is pretty shameful alright. I see in some of the tweets below 12 weeks is the entry level suspension for shoving a ref :rofl: I assumed you’d get a few years

loads of the gahliban are trying to justify it because he made a bad call

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The number 15 deserves a serious suspension. Scumbag behaviour

It was an absolutely terrible decision. The idiots in commentary were worse.

It was all game. The ref completely rode Mountbellew… Reminded me of corofin a few years ago

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A bunch of seething roasters attacking a ref hardly represents a new low for GGA

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The GAA is the greatest organisation this country has and will ever see.



By a long way

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Hopefully it will act accordingly and protect its referee

Apart from the RCYC

Up there with the catholic church and FF

Can someone repost the video, I have the OP blocked so can’t see it.

What about The Legion of Mary?

Watched the game last night and Mountbellew have every right to be very angry. That cunt of a ref was never going to let them win… The fix is in

There’s been some amount of incidents … from wickla to Laois to free Derry refs attacked and rows involving fans and players…

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Your boy roy Curtis commented?


Isn’t Curtis a hero to the salt of de earth dubs fans?