A new low for the GGA - part 6345

Anger after Kerry star struck by fan

Violent scenes marred yesterday’s clash between Derrytresk and Dromid Pearses as the Ulster men progressed to the All-Ireland final.

A mass brawl just before the interval, which saw a number of officials and substitutes from both sides enter the field of play at Portlaoise, left Dromid midfielder Thomas Curran concussed and unable to come out for the second half.

At that stage, the Tyrone side led by the minimum (0-4 to 0-3) but they underlined their dominance in the second half with the impressive Niall Gavin helping himself to five points in that period.

The Kerrymen finished with 13 men and there were more unsavoury scenes at the final whistle when county star Declan O’Sullivan was struck with a handbag and then by a Derrytresk supporter as he left the field. Dromid selector and county board officer Diarmuid O Se afterwards called for an investigation.

“While Derrytresk beat us comprehensively on the day, I thought that some of the scenes out there were some of the most disgraceful I have ever witnessed at a football game,” he said. "I cannot understand how the GAA can allow this to happen. There was no security there today for our players.

"Declan O’Sullivan got struck by a handbag and was struck by a Derrytresk supporter as well. That was seen by a steward and the gardai have it documented but I don’t think Declan will be doing anything about it.

"The GAA have video evidence available and maybe it’s time to use it

Nordies, different juristriction unfortunately tase. But who knows what the animals were up to.

Shocked a Derry Junior team beat a Kerry one.

id like to say this was shocking but unfortunately this seems to be the norm for bogball matches nowadays. watched 2 minutes of kidlare dublin yesterday - unless tg4 are using a new type of camera the players on both sides were carrying a fair few kgs. truly an amateur organisation in every sense.

one of the star players couldnt play bogball for a few years as he was banned- he player AUL division 3 instead & said “he found it tougher” than the all Ireland final :slight_smile:

They are from Tyrone

Tyrone Kev.

its ok. It will be all sorted now, it is being discussed on LiveLine. Joe Duffy is all over it like a rash. :slight_smile:

Yer wan went to shake his hand and then swung the handbag instead :lol:

Nordies be crazy.

Seems like it was mostly handbags to me.

They are a different breed alright. There does seem to be a problem with the GAA in Tyrone though.

And yet another Tyrone team beats a Kerry team.

Footage due on 6.01 tonight. Amazing how defensive all of the North goes when something like this occurs. Quel surprise.

A GAA match that spilled over into an ugly brawl was marred by dirty tricks from the very start, club officials said last night.

A furious Dromid Pearses manager claimed his players had their testicles tugged when they approached opponents from Derrytresk to shake hands.

The match between the Kerry team and Tyrone champions Derrytresk spilled over into a full-on brawl just before half time.

There was chaos at O’Moore Park in Portlaoise, Co Laois, on Sunday when subs and supporters from Derrytresk jumped a barrier and invaded the pitch.

The ensuing violence left one player concussed and another with a broken cheekbone.

Croke Park officials were last night awaiting a referee’s report into the All-Ireland junior football semi-final clash. But the GAA is under pressure to launch a full investigation and to review footage of the match.

Gardai said they were waiting to speak to a number of people.

Dromid Pearses manager Michael Anthony O’Connell condemned Derrytresk’s tactics.

[b]“We were beaten by unfair tactics. At the start of the game, three of my players were caught by the testicles,” Mr O’Connell said.

“When our fellas went to shake hands with them, the Derrytresk went for their testicles and pulled them at the start of the game. That conduct has no place on a football field. What they wanted was for our players to retaliate, but we are better than that.”[/b]

He wants Derrytresk thrown out of the All-Ireland junior football championship, and added: “Somebody has to put their foot down. What happened on Sunday has no place in the GAA, it was disgraceful.”

Mr O’Connell added: "I don’t think I will ever go to a football game again if they are not thrown out. The GAA has to make a stand now.

“There were kids crying in the stand, frightened by what was going on. How do you expect kids to go to football games when this happens?”

During the scuffle, Dromid midfielder Thomas Curran suffered a concussion and was not able to take part in the second half.

Dromid’s Denis Shine O’Sullivan suffered a broken cheekbone and was left with boot marks on his back.

The 36-year-old farmer went to Tralee Hospital yesterday and may yet need surgery.

It is also claimed that Kerry star Declan O’Sullivan was struck by a handbag while leaving the field, but has declined to press charges.

The Dromid manager admits that he would have ordered his team off the field after the first-half brawl if he knew that Mr Curran had been concussed.

“They absolutely destroyed us. They shattered the team, our lads never before witnessed anything like that. We have no problem being beaten fair and square out on the field but we weren’t beaten fairly.”

Journalist Damian Stack, who was at the game, said it was one of the worst scenes he had ever witnessed at a match.

“It started as a bit of a scuffle for possession of the ball but all of a sudden it completely kicked off,” said the ‘Kerryman’ reporter.

Diarmuid O Se, Dromid selector and Kerry County Board officer, claimed security at the game was slack, which the Laois County Board has denied.

Mr O Se has called on officials to view footage of the game, which was won on the Co Tyrone side by 1-10 to 0-7.

He said that wing-back Mr O’Sullivan (36), who is also the club’s vice-chairman, received the most serious injury.

“When he came into the dressing room at half time, his number five jersey was shredded with stud marks at the back. We have pictures of his back which is like a dart board.”

Club chairman Michael Sheehan also said Dromid Pearses had taped the match and will make their copy available.

He added that the scene was “like something that would go on outside a chipper at 2.30 in the morning and, if it did, they would have been arrested”.

He added: "This isn’t sport. When players go on to a field they expect it to be tough and we have no problem with losing the match, and the actual match result.

“But when people come from the stands and assault players, then the GAA has to take action, this is something that cannot be tolerated,” he added.

Fans also claimed they were subjected to intimidation by Co Tyrone supporters during the game.

Derrytresk officials were unavailable for comment.

  • Cliona Foley and Majella O’Sullivan

Organised testicle grabbing? Ah here… :o

A totally unbiased Murt Murphy from the Kerryman said last night on the radio that the whole thing nearly seemed orchastrated.
As soon as there was the first hint of a row, everyone single one of the Tyrone substitutes jumped the off the bench in unison and straight into the row.

Any chance of them being thrown out?

Surprised there was no anal gouging

I’d say we haven’t heard the hole story yet

Soft cunts.

Thought this was a very old thread going on the title.

Its safe to say there were Glasgow Celtic supporters involved. Sickening

Just as surprised

I watched a 1-minute Yoo Toob of the apparent start of this. The #5 for the Kerry team actually starts the row - I’m guessing this is the wing back with the suspected broken cheekbone? The Tyrone team’s subs then hop over the fence en masse and a few of them start to throw punches. You can see the Kerry #9 run in and then collapse down fairly soon after he reaches the flashpoint. Bodies are obscuring things so you can’t really see him getting the dig or who delivered it. Possibly one of the subs wearing a beanie? Anyone else watch it? It doesn’t actually look too bad compared to other past incidents.