A new low for the GGA - Part 65



+1 us galway people hate the concept of direct provision

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Aramark do the FM and catering in Croker. I am putting forward a rational explanation here but perhaps the boxes are part of the deal?

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Certainly not paid for with profits anyway as Aramark lose their Arse in this country and their acquisition of Avoca has been disastrous for them.
They are as @Locke pointed out the in house provider in CP, a contract that was renewed in 2015 for 7 years AFAIK.
That in house provision includes all other non GAA events also so all corporate events and concerts. Not unreasonable to assume their corporate presence is associated with this.

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Aramark manage the facilities on about 50% of the large office space in Dublin FFS sake.

Reason and context has absolutely no place in this thread .

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Sweep, sweep

renowned GGA racists @Mac and @eoghanruadha backing the gga on this

Has the GAA no shame? I have handed back my Galway season ticket on account of this

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Direct provision funded the five in a row

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Are you in the FM industry?

Disappointed in @eoghanruadha I must say.

Par for the course with @Mac

What’s the shtory here should the lads in DP be starved?

It could well be one big box with two advertising boards too

companies who provide the shelter and the food should be doing it for free. The fact they are getting paid to provide a service is a sham and more sweep sweepery from the racist bigots in Archbishop Park.


It should be boutique shelters and “curated” menus as well. This is the 21st century like.

I see right wing bigotry is alive and well on TFK

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They get fed leftover hot dogs from Croke Park

Flattered to be held in such High moral parameters, my right wing tendencies are surfacing!

Wouldn’t condone Aramark in any way, they are bottom feeders who concentrate on securing high turnover with minuscule margin just to hoover up market share. There not alone however in that the Government has contracted this service out to several providers.
There have been protests regarding same in UL & TUI recently asking for the Universities to sever links with the provider for the same reasons. Doubt any of this is contained in the contract award weighting ciriteria within Croke Parks procurement division.

Yes, although more construction biased these days.