A question for TFK

If TFK was to feature a competition zone for real money would you participate?

  • Competitions would likely be pickem type competitions for EPL/GAA/US sports
  • Others using odds etc would also be available but a bit more work
  • Ultimately could do a daily fantasy type thing but that would be way down the line
  • You would be able to set up your own competitions as well (so you could setup a Cheltenham winners competition or whatever)
  • TFK would take a cut of the pot (to help pay for TFK)
  • All money exchange would be via Paypal

The idea isn’t really to get more people to TFK. It’s just to generate a bit of revenue for TFK to pay for itself and if most people on here gamble with the bookies then why not do a bit of betting against eachother.

Anyway, I reckon this could be a useful addition but there’s a bit of work in getting it all set up properly and securely so that it’s all fair and above board. If it is potentially popular and can bring in a few € a month for TFK then I’d far prefer that to ads or anything but if it’s going to be a lot of work for fuck all interest (like when we’ve done virtual betting) then I won’t bother.

  • Yes, I would play/bet with real cash
  • No, I wouldn’t bother
  • I’ll say yes now to distort the poll but in reality I won’t bother

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I just don’t trust Turks.
For that reason I am out. Thank you for your pitch.

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Take inspiration from Jimmy Wales and look for donations instead.

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In. It would be good to have this for the big racings festivals and the TFKNFLFFL’s. Mind you after @Matty_Hislops shenanigans this year I’m not sure I’d be wiing to invest good money in the latter

Just set up a PayPal or whatever and we’ll all throw in a few quid for upkeep.


Ah here, I’ve stuck up a good few winners in the horsey thread the last while, that comment was uncalled for. :frowning:

Can ye not just shake a few buckets outside Quinns in september

NFL betting all the way.

Do it. I tried to monetize the segunda this year but couldn’t as ye cunts dont live in north America. There were strong interest levels. Whats the rake though?

As an aside, for anyone wanting to play DFS format, outside the states, I’ve been using these lads. Aussie setup but similar to Draftkings et al. I presume it will accept payment in the motherland.

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That’s pretty much the technology I’d be using here. Except not doing the player stuff at the start because it’s either too time-consuming or too expensive depending on which route you take.

A Pickem be the job… While we are on that, who is winning the NFL Pickem going into the last week?

What percentage do we need to carry the motion?

Forty looks good enough to me.

I’m thinking of crowdfunding the development.

Need to acquire some software and then need to do some work on it. If I can get half the software paid for then I’ll go for it.

So new question - who would want to contribute €5-€10 for this feature?

  • .
    Yep, I’ll pay (though I know the votes aren’t public so my “promise” will never be traced back to me)
  • No, I won’t pay

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In and happy to help with some of the admin / behind the scenes work as always

I think every cunt on here could fork out 10 notes whether they’d use the new features or not… They’ve been given a free platform to preach all kinds of cuntology for years now and it would be a small price to pay.



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Let’s do this so.