A Thread To Post About Sharks


Saw a couple of tiger sharks on scuba dives years ago. One was during a day time dive, and there was about 10 of us there, and we followed it for a while until it sped off. About 1.5 to 2m long or so I’d say. Heart was fairly pounding seeing it though, was really cool. Second time was on a night dive, only 3 of us on it, but that was freaky, as night time is their feeding time by all accounts and it was harder to see around.

Did a snorkel on the West coast of Oz with hundreds of whale sharks around. Manta rays as well. Good experience.

Saw a basking shark around home one time in the local fishing docks. Looked like a big dopey fish more than anything. One washed up on a beach around a couple of years back.


Were you a Sharkey & George fan CM?

I don’t really remember the show but I remember the theme tune


The show was shit, the theme tune was excellent.

‘Crime busters of the sea…’


Earths Natural Wonders: Living on the Edge available on BBC iplayer. @Fran see this also.

The lengths I go to for my crew.


Always enjoy this clip with “shark whisperer” Eric Ritter who thought he knew why sharks attack, he didn’t.


I’ve snorkeled with black tips in Thailand a good few times - 4/5 ft in size. The first time I went out there were loads of people in the water but they fucked off pretty soon after I got out to them … anyway, long story short I spotted a shark who promptly took off and while I was scanning the area looking for him he was right behind me when I went to turn around to swim back in, less than a foot away…the cunt was only checking me out but I nearly shit my self… They are harmless tho and after that incident I started getting them in headlocks and having the bants with them. Sound out.


I love a good bask myself.


Mike Rutzen - The Shark man- Is the daddy…


Cheers Pal, you’re a STAR :dizzy:


I was stung by a stingray once. Fucking hurt.


Where did this happen, mate? - i.e geographical location not body part.


South Carolina, pal.


I love Sharks. Snorkeled and dived with them a bit in Thailand and Malaysia. Great craic and a bit terrifying. Best Shark dive was in Malapascua in the Philippines. About 6am nothing else to see and you drop to about 30m onto a plateau. swim out to the edge of the plateau, kneel down and just wait, staring into the abyss. The plateau is a cleaning station for the sharks so every morning they come up there from the deep to have smaller fish eat the parasites off them. Anyway, after about 10 mins this big fucking shark starts moving in the shadows and then swims straight for us, then over us and all around us. About 5m long(including tail fin) and fat as fuck. Unbelievable. I will go back there some day and do it again.


What was going on in S.C??


who knew- Every cunt I detest on this forum is a shark lover. I’m going to have to rethink my position around here…


Delighted for you CM.


I was on my holidays, pal, in the Palmetto State.


You’re a sheep


Everyone knows that you fool.


That sounds fucking amazing @Gman. The biggest yoke I saw was a 6 foot barracuda. That night dive with sharks must have been hairy. I did one night dive and it scared the shit out of me. Visibility was bad but we had a coral wall at one side to look at, at the other side it quickly went to pitch black and darkness. I found it very exhilarating but scary.