A Thread To Post About Sharks


Where did I say they didn’t? And at a table quiz not so long ago every fuck ape, including the organizers, thought a whale was the largest fish in the sea…and when I pointed out that a whale was a mammal I was looked at like I had 5 heads and whale stood…So not everyone knows you gay shark loving cuntflap. I bet you’re the type of cunt that loves pandas and what not and when you’re watching wild life shows you’re willing whatever prey is being attacked by lions or tigers to escape…I can see you now screaming at the wilder beast or antelope on tv to run…


Surfers should be culled



Absolute wankers.


Unsurprisingly surfing is popular amongst the D4/rugby football set. Odious cretins.


How’s the rage cm? Blood pressure up? The sooner Joe player puts the fisher price stamp on your essay the better for everyone, particularly glas.


Remember those denny ads a few years ago with a group of surfers…cunts! That same group were below in Spanish Point one weekend and one of them may have got a slapping.


I saw a shark on a reef in Australia once. Only a small yoke though. Maybe 3ft long.


Maybe it was far away?


I’m zen, pal. I’ve never been calmer. But I will not be spoken to, in this thread above all threads, in the manner that little worm spoke to me earlier…


0.29 seconds in, cunt with the hat…smack.


Did you smack him one?


Not I… I wouldn’t do anything like that. He was a drink robbing little cunt…Typical surfer/ hippy type stoner.


Calm down hun


That is fuckin outrageous. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr


I once caught a dogfish in Newtown Cove in Tramore.


What a coincidence to read this thread right now. Just this very morning I took these two breathtaking shots of whales in Hermanus, South Africa. The photos truly capture the sheer majesty of these creatures. Not sure it’s been mentioned on TFK but I’m on vacation at present.


Lovely mate, but they’re photos of a load of ducks or something…


Where are the whales Bandage.

And btw this is a thread about sharks.




He probably paid €150 x 2 to go on a whale watching tour. Mugged off good and proper.