A Thread To Post About Sharks


I’d say the retarded music was drawing them in, not the bait.



A top, top shark.


Off to look for sharks today, bhoys.


Best of luck pal, a great day for it


Cage dive?


Fucking bastards…


No, pal. A 10km coastal trek. We were told by various folk there’s been a load of great white sharks knocking around lately but we didn’t see any. Some surfer chap had his leg bitten off and his mate had a chunk taken out of his buttocks. Maybe locals were taking the piss out of us though. On a more positive note, we saw seals, whales and crickets. I’m bolloxed now - it took over 4 hours and involved a lot of climbing up rocks and such like.


Delighted for those surfer cunts.


I googled it and it seems the locals are telling the truth:

We were at the Robberg Nature Reserve overlooking Plett Bay but no sharks.


Did you go on safari yet, pal?


No, mate. Heading for a bit of safari for a few days from tomorrow.


Sounds wonderful pal. Dont forget to leave the window down when on safari, it aerodynamic and leaving it closed is a great insult to native tribesmen (not me laz flatty and kp)




Please don’t post this on Facebook or Twitter as I don’t want to be threatened and vilified like that poor dentist from USA, pal. But I spotted a white lion stalking a warthog just after dawn this morning so I killed both of them with my bare hands.


Kill or be killed, law of the jungle. Kudos, Bandage.


It’s simple science


Seriously bro, what’s happening there?


Someone is asking too many questions. That’s what’s happening.