A Thread To Post About Sharks


I did in my hole, mate. I sat on a bench on the cliff edge and took the amazing shots while laughing at the mugs a couple of miles out in the boat while the whales frolicked by the shore.

Top picture - dead centre above the birds is a sliver of whale back and over to the right is a snatch of fin too. What a picture.


A beach on a cliff edge? Anyway, I zoomed in… I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt…Hi to the other half… can’t wait till your back and we get the full low down on the holiday.


A thread about sharks and lads on holidays swimming with sharks.

Has TFK jumped the shark.


A bench on the cliff edge, mate. A bench.


How’s the holiday going Bandage ? Hope your lady friend and your mother are both enjoying it as much as you seem to be.


Fascinating creatures. Great whites the obvious interest the fuckers can get up to 40miles/hr. No interest in humans no blubber on us. Have been interested in sharks for years. They date back to the dinasors, imagine the size of them cunts. Was watching doc few weeks ago about the ragged tooth shark, jawsus…






While my natural instinct some years ago was to ridicule surfing, I now think it’s a superb activity, although I don’t partake in it myself.

Waveriders was a thoroughly enjoyable documentary.


I caught a 3 ft Port Jackson Shark once in Port Botany. Sharks are wonderous creatures. Surfers are cool too. The reportage on this huge Tiger Shark that was caught is also bollocks. The people of the northern NSW coast are calling for immediate funding for research into why there is a noticeable increase in the amount of sharks coming closer to the shore, there is very little support for a cull, as everyone knows (other than the WA government) that culls are a complete waste of time




A lad I know has a megalodon tooth. The size of your hand nearly it is. Weighty too. Amazing.



Sharks are ok, I can take em or leave em. However nothing beats a Hereford cow. A simply majestic beast, docile, excellent mothering qualities and a joy to look at, be it outside in a paddock or inside on slats.
A far as I know too they’ve never been known to bite a swimmers or surfers legs off either.


Must be difficult to eat with that, does he just swallow his food whole?



What the fuckwas he doing dangling bait if he wasn’t trying to catch fish and why didn’t he try to catch one of these. A 30lb rod and reel and he’d have been having shark for breakfast dinner and tea.


He is a roaster, pal. Hope that explains it.


In a paddock

On slats


I see there have been three shark attacks this year up around Killaloe.