A Thread To Post About Sharks


I’d say he’d sit on him first, pin him down by the fins and slap him around a bit


will you come out of the fog. Free Willy couldn’t even get out of a bay



one against a pod. I’d say a few whales had chunks taken off them as well.

we won’t sort this out until we get them in a fair fight. Frank Warren would get it sorted and I’d pay per view the fuck out of it


Killer whales treat Great Whites like Dr Hannibal Lector treats feeble minded patients. Ate their livers


Ooooft. That’s a clamping for @Robert_Emmet.


Killer whales have learned to knock great whites upside down which puts them into a trance. They then eat their liver.


As I said - Orcas live/ hunt / eat in pods and attacking sharks is nothing new ---- Orcas are also incredibly intelligent, possibly the smartest of all sea creatures… What I wasnt aware of is actually how fast Orcas move - they are way faster than great whites at top speed surprisingly… so i’ll have to retract my initial assertion on this last point — in your makey upy scenario when both are switched on to one v one combat, I thought the great white would be too fast for the killer whale and a series of bites would do the trick … I suppose what we still need to consider is how quick they can reach speed… Orcas might have to build it up while Whites might be able to get to speed quicker and inflict bites easier … the orcas main tool is ramming the great whites … in your one to one scenario the great white isnt going to be blind sided and sitting still for the Orca to ram him… there’s still a lot to consider here, mate.


Like I said, I reckon the killer whale is a lot more nimble. Killers are also one of the top five most smartest sea creatures.



Maybe … but the important thing here is that we are discussing these issues and thrashing them out in a respectful manner.



Pal of mine does a bit of recreational fishing off Wexford and told me blue sharks would take the mackerel or whatever off the hooks as you reel them in. Said a blue shark would attack you if you were in the water.

Biggest risk is a whale knocks your boat over and the RNLI have to rescue you which would invite opprobrium from the forum.


A Killer Whale would bate a Great White with its cap.


Grandpa shark do do do do do do do, Grandpa shark do do do do do


Apology accepted mate


there’s no songs about scary flying orca’s mate



orca’s are the strippers of the sea world. Separate them from the Pod and they end up dancing for fish at a holiday resort. You wouldn’t catch a great white at the craic


Tilikum > any great white