A Thread To Post About Sharks


Great whites are not designed to live in captivity. They need to swim constantly to breathe and need to eat live prey. Their electroreceptors cannot handle the tank either.

Having said that the experience of orcas in captivity is pretty bleak. I think most SeaWorld type places have stopped keeping them after a couple of attacks on trainers.


I was being facetious mate. Making a majestic animal such as an Orca or dolphin, dance for the entertainment of people is wrong on every level.


Look, if we are putting the boys in a cage after substantial training in a two fish (mammal) enter, one fish leaves scenario— then i’ll go for the great white still — multiple bites to win out… If we are on about them just stumbling across each other in the wild the Orca wins as he hunts sharks.


Is there a weight handicap or anything?


We’d have to sort something alright — One blow from the Orca and it’s all over.


the orca has to wear a padded helmet so only bites count?


If we’re introducing weight classes it could be a different story. No contest if it’s even a regular orca v a top size great white. Size counts for a lot in a fight.


Gway or ill puck the head a ya ya stupid cunt.

BC orcas are majestic, graceful and cunning. Plenty of those sea world wankers got their holes handed to them. Look at this

Orcas can do it anyway that you want it


that’s just Connor McGregor levels of showing off.

The great White snakes up on the seals and bam, cut in half.


Its not the size of the shark in the fight that counts, its the size of the fight in the shark. You could have an oul pussy orca who wouldnt bate eggs like @Robert_Emmet .


I’m a wolf, mate .


this is the exact same as saying who’d win between a wolf and a tiger.

A wolf needs a pack. One on One the tiger would make clean shit of it


I know a little dolphin who has a bit of an inferiority complex about his big bad orca cousin…


A tiger is three times as big as a wild FFS or are we talking about a small tiger?


if you got a tiger the size of a wolf.


A wolf will go days and days to get his kill … Tigers will need it over pretty quick.


You’d have to give some consideration to water temperature. I’ve a gut feeling that orcas would feel more at home in artic temperatures. That said warmer water might give some advantage.
It’s above my pay grade to get into the detail.


you’re more of an orca than a shark, then, you big pussy


Either way you’d need a bigger boat


Sometimes that shark,he looks right into ya. Right into your eyes. Y’know the thing about a shark,he’s got… lifeless eyes , black eyes , like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be livin’… until he bites ya.