A Thread To Post About Sharks





He got his head out of the water and yelled ‘I’m not a shark!’, but he was immediately hit by two other harpoons.”




I’m Brian and so is my wife …


I’m pretty sure there’s a dedicated thread to discuss the likely outcome of various animal on animal battles


There was a better one that the one you bumped but I cant recall what animals were involved … possibly a polar bear again… and @Bandage wanted him to fight in 50 degree heat.


I’m distancing myself from any such posts I made in the past. They were based on speculation rather than evidence based assertions.


Speculation makes an ass out of u and me.


Can somebody speculate on the spec on Ulati.

ulaṭī (उलटी).—f ( ulaṭaṇēṃ ) Vomiting or a vomit. 2 Turning over. v dē, ghē, māra, khā . 3 fig. Recession (from an engagement): denial (of an affirmation); deflection. (from one’s principles or party). v kara .



We all speculated, mate.


Sharks and killer Whales are great.

Seen the Meg last night, its a pity none of those lads are still around. :slight_smile:


What about an ass v a zebra?


In colour or black and white.


What about dwarves v elephants


Daaaaaaaaadyyyyyyyy Shark do do do do


Cc @Mac


That happened me on a call recently, baby shark playing away in my head and next thing I’m being asked a question. Hadn’t a breeze, had to say the line was bad and asked him to repeat it.
Do do do do do do


All the sharks do do do do do

It’s the end do do do do do do

See my fin do do do do do do