A thread to post stories or things that you believe never happened

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Think she might be mixing it up with the time she went to @Bandage’s hairdresser and they fleeced her.

Did you post that comment yourself?

That article is a Photo shoot of your Wan… What A joke.

She must have smelled of shit and piss if the lads felt the need to bleach her.

Coach Kavanagh.

I get stopped by 60-year-old ladies asking me how his wrestling training is coming along. I know it was him who made it a huge sport in Ireland so I’m very, very proud of that.

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People need hope pal… Leave them be…

Rob is hoovering up cheap likes and I won’t fucking have it

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Wee fucker is tired looking at pasta

I’m not even going to read the article, but since it’s Graham Hunter then I can guarantee it never happened


When I glanced at that quickly I thought it read ‘Behind the Lies’.

She could end up suing him in a week or so when she comes down with a bit of a fever.

He could be the nursing home super spreader.

What was wrong with the oranges?

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She could have at least made it believable and said Limerick Reg

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And caravans instead of holiday homes