A thread to post your sandwiches/rolls/pittas/wraps, blaas and spuds. Plenty of red sauce on the burger?

Today i went for -
Butter & Mayo (on one side each), Cajun chicken, Rasher, Lettuce, Red onion, Jalapeños.

I also like to put a few O’Donnells crisps in from time to time.


Senior hurling there.

You must be an early riser to be eating chicken sandwiches at that hour of the morning?

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I was in at 7am today. Normally i’m in at 8/9am.

The very early starts I’d be calving by 11, mad for munch. I’ll eat something light at 1pm now. Tip off home at 3:30pm.


What a thread. I’m gutted I only saw it after I finished my own.


a noble thread

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Deli counter location and etiquette should also be logged

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Probably the best new thread on TFK in 2023.


A brief note on the ambience and service also required. Plus commentary on other sandwich orderers. Pay close attention, some may be humble intercounty hurlers.

Could be savage crossover with @Locke’s GAA spotting thread here, amongst others.


Rolls are very overrated generally. The bread itself is nice but you end up eating chunks of lettuce or cheese on their own. Wraps or sandwiches are the way to go


I’d be a wrap man from a deli. A white roll is a young man’s game.

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A good roll man preps the filling outside, gives it a good mix and then ladles it into the roll.

A fresh crusty roll (not the cuisine de France shite) is hard bet


Agreed but I’d say that’s about a 1 in 100 occurrence

Fucking hate delis that put the salad into the roll first and then the meat. Savages.

Also delis that refuse to have salt and pepper shakers behind the counter and instead make you fetch little sachets they dump on one third of the roll

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should be a power rankings of Delis/Sandwich shops…

How is Ward’s Corner store these days?

It will be a brave man who posts the next photo of his sambo

If only this thread was put up on Monday. I had ‘The Clubhouse’ in Sambro’s early on Monday afternoon before the celebrations restarted. Hadn’t been there before, very decent sandwich.

I stopped off for a coffee this morning on the way to the office. Pints were had over the weekend. I saw the hot food window and a hungry feeling came o’er me.

I have just inhaled a breakfast roll so quickly, I didnt even think to take a picture. While I’m not proud of myself, I regret nothing. Aside from the massive ball of shite in my stomach.

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Solid showing in Cleere’s in Kk earlier.