A thread to post your sandwiches/rolls/pittas/wraps, blaas and spuds. Plenty of red sauce on the burger?

Look into disowning and distance yourself from such deviant, errant ways

Toastie bags are the handiest

Frying toastys on the frying pan are a game changer.
Fry up some Chorizo, onions, cheese, ham,tomatoes etc. then scoop them onto the bread butter both sides of the bread and fry away. It will put you in an early grave but there nothing nicer


Is the bread toasted when it goes in the microwave?

Yes. I can’t get over it myself TBH

My Christmas sandwich making method would involve heating the fillings in a microwave first before putting into the separately toasted bread. But putting the bread in the microwave is madness.

I do that with most hot sambos

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Senior hurling.

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You’d probably have 4 x 2 slices of bread rounds of them?

Are lads still ating sliced pans?

Now that’s a sangwich

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Not a whole one in the one sitting.

3 × 2 during championship :wink:

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An incredible moment in my life.

Chicken, Bacon (hot rasher like), stuffing, red onion, lettuce.

€3.25…. wtf.



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On the way to Clare Glens

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Up since 530 and fucking famished. Have gone the full hog with a triple decker:

-homemade slaw

Basically, anything within immediate grasp in the fridge. Demolished with a nice side of chilli flavored cripps.

5/5, would demolish again