A year in the life of TFK

The second in a series of TFK data visualisations.

Our posts from 01 May 2019 to 30 April 2020 by topic. This might be a struggle to read on mobile.

Some unnecessary clarifictions:
  • Where there has been more than 1 thread on the exact same topic in the year, the results have broadly been combined into 1. e.g. the successive Covid 19 topics are shown as one bar, but not the related ones for edgy discussions or US/Sweden/UK
  • It’s entirely possible I forgot to combine some topics into one.
  • The names have been shortened for many to make them easier to read on the animation.
Made with Flourish

For a non embedded view of the graph visit https://public.flourish.studio/visualisation/2505439/


Great graphic. I wounder how far we can push the coronavirus posts

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Proof, not that is was ever required, that this is a hurling, politics and global pandemic form.


I must scan through the numbers but I think Limerick GAA could be bumped up to second place in the list.

If the private members group was taken into account where would we stand?

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Over 140k posts since August 2018.

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Don’t forget anti-rubby


It truly is the meeting place of great minds…

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That’s class, hon Limerick. Is that free software? For graphics I mean

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It wouldn’t even be close. Limerick, Limerick, Limerick

It is for personal use like that. There are paid plans but it’s free for graphs of data in the public domain (if you’re a business* you’ll want your graphs private so you’ll pay I guess).

* TFK is a business but we’re disrupting the business world. We wear shorts to the office.


The rugby lads bombing every four years on the big stage is a guaranteed TFK ratings winner.


What’s the software, Power BI?

It’s nice to see the giddyness of the rugby folk as it soars up the chart in anticipation of the big event and then it gains real mass as everyone else joins in to laugh at the ineptitude of it all.


It’s a web based tool called Fluorish. It’s linked underneath the graph.

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and serb nationalist

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how did you provide the data to it @Rocko?

Just a SQL query against the database and then uploaded a CSV.

nice one… It’s an excellent bit of kit

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24,335 posts in the same time-frame as the visualization above.

We’d be in top spot.