A year in the life of TFK

Nice viz, I’m a tableau man and won’t hear a word against it, despite it not being user friendly at all, but must check Flourish out .


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The rubby thread

I can never figure out Tableau. The outputs are very impressive but the interface confuses the hell out of me.

It’s a gamechanger once you have the hang of it

The General Election thread came with a strong run but just couldn’t get past the hurling. Wuhan just completely blew them out of the water then

Where is the first?

I find its menus difficult to navigate along with what appears should be simple changes to make being very diffucult to action. Its outputs are class though. Can make tinpot organisations look like Amazon.


Airbase is also a gamechanger mate. You could monitor @Bandage tasks in a very efficient manner along with great functionality for adding videos and photos. The free version is more than sufficient.

It will change your worklife in ways you never thought possible.


Lovely to watch the arsehole fall out of the equine thread towards the end


Why not👍