Aberdeen v Celtic 🇮🇪 🍀 ☘

1330 kick off at Pittodrie. @Bandage will have team news for us shortly.

Arnesen should score there. Appalling marking. Don’t think it should have been a free but Simunovic had no need to dive in on May

Rogic is very bright and involved and is skipping my defenders but every pass is at least half a yard wide of a Celtic player. He needs to be more precise and careful with his distribution because he’s opening them up.

Great chances for Dembele and Rogic. Both should have scored. Good play from Sinclair to create those chances.

Brown close there with a more difficult chance. Nice run and a good ball by Sinclair I think to pick him out.

Ajer is a class act at the back. Seems to have graduated into the central centre back with Simunovic going to his left.

We still look so vulnerable at the back. Lustig sleeping again on a cross but May couldn’t connect. We’re very vulnerable on crosses all season.

Ntcham thumps one off the post. Great effort.


Brilliant cross from Forrest. Dembele could hardly miss but good to see him being on the right areas.
We’d slacked off a but after a bright opening but the last 5 minutes or so have been very impressive.

Decent first half performance

  • Pitch is appalling
  • Andy Walker is worse. The only person still alive who thinks you need to stop the play to book a player seemingly.
  • We’ve coughed up a couple of very good chances despite having nearly all the ball.
  • They look dangerous from set pieces. They have Considine and the two centre backs occupying our three centre backs and then that O’Connor chap is being marked by Brown. He’s winning everything in the air against him unsurprisingly.
  • De Vries doesn’t seem to ever leave his line. He’s like Fraser Forster all over again, without the shot stopping ability.
  • They’re also causing us a few problems from deepish crosses. Not unlike the third Zenit goal during the week. We seem to leave huge holes around our box to be exploited.
  • We’re generally doing well on the ball despite the pitch. Rogic started well, faded a bit but came into it more again. Sinclair was similar.
  • Dembélé is finding it difficult against their centre backs but he got his goal and hopefully will put himself about a bit more in the second half.
  • Ntcham has battled away gamely but seems to be particularly struggling with the pitch. I think he’s generally been standing on mud though so hopefully will have better luck in the second half.

The Ntcham effort off the post:

Forrest should have done better with that break. We had them out of position for the first time all game. They’ve been so deep.

Simunovic and Ajer clashing heads creates a chance for Aberdeen. Game wasn’t stopped but May didn’t react to the pass from GMS.

What’s worse was simunivoc stopped to say sorry to ajer instead of following play…he’s fookin woeful…

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Simunovic all over the place there against McLean and DeVries bails him out with a save. Lustig got a couple of good blocks in on the rebounds in fairness to him.

Lustig off. Terrible touch to give it away and one of the most blatant yellow cards you’ll ever see. 10 men to finish.

Edouard replacing SInclair. Hendry came on for Forrest when we went down to 10.