Aberdeen v Celtic

In truth, I thought we’d win the league before the season started.

I doubted it somewhat when the huns went 10 points up in January.

But then I reckoned we’d peg them back.

I believe we’ll win it by more than 3 points.

Tomorrow it’s Aberdeen - McGeady and Keane to run riot.

Tis great the dispora have a real Irish man to cheer on for once.

I’m hearing Loovens is injured from midweek and that Hinkel and O’Dea reamin injured.

So looks like it could be a back 4 of Caddis, Rogne, Thomson, Braafheid.

Link please, folks?

Kamara puts the diaspora one up…Field looks in shit

1-1…cracking strike from the aberdeen lad…defending was shitty enough

Now, that was quite a goal by Celtic but we again give up the advantage straight away with horrendous defending.

Fucking hell.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 441505”]
Now, that was quite a goal by Celtic but we again give up the advantage straight away with horrendous defending.

Fucking hell.
[/quote]This is a rotten habit Celtic have this season,will have to get another two.

Awful defending again today so far.

Not just from the defence it has to be said. McGeady was caught on his heels for the second goal and allowed the cross which was poor. But we were already in trouble with Thomson out closing down the cross and O’Dea sucked to the near post too. Braafheid might have got a better header in (if he touched it at all) but in fairness it was big trouble by then anyway as they’d men over. Blame is elsewhere.

Payton hit his strike well for the first goal but no urgency in shutting him down at all. O’Dea does nothing there. Braafheid is going for the header so it’s up to O’Dea to make the challenge on the breaking ball.

Think it’s been decent going forward. Burley was saying McGeady has gone out of the game a bit but I think he’s looked dangerous. Fortuné really needs to improve some aspects of his game. It’s one thing doing the wide work down the channels and doing the stuff outside the box which he is doing but he needs to link up with his wingers and with Keane much better.

Brown did well for the second goal but by God he can be frustrating with some of his loose passing.

Still very loose as a team. Big gap between the midfield and defence, which is asking for trouble with our defensive record. I think Caddis has been very poor and I don’t know where he was for the goal. Fortuné lacks awareness and doesn’t see the runs of others, or else he tends to play the correct pass but dwells too long or overhits it. He does a lot of grafting and holds it up well but he certainly needs to improve. It’s really frustrating that we cough up goals so easily and they’ll be dangerous with Mulgrew’s set piece delivery too. However, we’ve put in two good second half performances last Sunday and in midweek and have to push on in the same manner.

Correct on Caddis. Hasn’t been as good going forward as he looked like he might be when he was making cameo appearances. But you can live with that, it’s his defending that has been very concerning and explains why he hasn’t forced his way into the team before.

A word also for Iain Brines who’s doing a fantastic job at penalising Celtic for random offences. The free kick against Fortuné near the end of the half there was a cracking decision. How dare he get himself kicked on the shoulder.

Fucking horrible defending from O’Dea there, very licky with the flag. That’s just a simple lack of concentration and it’s inexcusable. And a great challenge from Brown there.

It took him long enough!

Robbie Keane - it’s somersault time. :clap:

Obviously, we need another goal to give ourselves breathing room.

[quote=“Mac, post: 441510”]
It took him long enough!
[/quote] <_< :rolleyes:

[quote=“Bandage, post: 441512”]
Obviously, we need another goal to give ourselves breathing room.

Burley seems determined to criticise today. Don’t think there was much scruffy about the goal. Gets up well and heads it down. No need for pace on it, think it was very well taken.

Can see more goals in this. We’ll probably need to score again.

Ah lovely!

Is Kevin Keegan working in the background anywhere with Celtic? The style of play reminds me of the “we’ll score more than you” mentality.

Was just going to post about how well McGeady’s playing. That bhoy is outstanding. :clap:

Comedy value from the Mo Camara look a like there