Aberdeen v Celtic

Hooper, Forrest and Rogne are all out of tomorrow’s match in Aberdeen. Brown and Ledley have travelled with the squad today but are doubts. The team watched the new Kevin Bridges DVD on the bus on the journey north earlier. Tony Watt revealed on Twitter that he really enjoyed it.

Could really do with a good performance and a win today. Domestic football tends to be difficult in the winter months with shite pitches etc so we want a lead going into December/January.

Also it’s not possible to keep switching on the performances for the European games. Barca took care of itself given the motivations but we need a bit of tempo to our football today to prepare for Lisbon.

Lovely - Watt starts:

[font=Arial]Forster; [/font]
[font=Arial]Lustig, Ambrose, Wilson, Matthews; [/font]
[font=Arial]Commons, Kayal, Wanyama, Mulgrew, Samaras, [/font]

[font=Arial]Inexperienced bench with Lassad back: [/font][font=Arial]Zaluska, McCourt, McGeouch, Lassad, Atajic, Ibrahim, Chalmers[/font]

Anyone know if Miku is injured?

Also anyone seen Bandage? I’m worried he’s going to miss the start of this.


Cameraman’s nightmare today with the shadow split running the length of the pitch.

Sammy playing up top with Charles wide left.

Mulgrew is central actually. Is it Commons wide left? He’s nearly playing up front to make it a 3.

Good refereeing there… quiet word with Watt for failing to keep the ball in play.

4-3-3 with Commons on the right?

Samaras still still sporting the shiner on his eye caused by that prick John O’Shea.

[quote=“Bandage, post: 724769”]4-3-3 with Commons on the right?

Samaras still still sporting the shiner on his eye caused by that prick John O’Shea.[/quote]

Seems to be alright. Probably a response to their wing backs formation. We’re playing a lot down the outside of their centre backs.

Slow start but imposing ourselves now a bit.

High praise from Craigan - reckons Wanyama could play in the EPL.

Its annoying as fuck :shakefist:

Twice close from headers now. That was a sitter for Watt actually. Smashing ball in from Commons.

Another good headed chance there for Lustig.

Celtic very much on top but passing in midfield isn’t fluent. Kayal and Commons struggling to assert themselves. And we’ve kept the full backs back to deal with their wide attackers so at the moment it’s trying to out muscle them or nothing. We’re winning that battle but we might need a bit more creativity to get a goal.

I’d like to see McGeouch on, I think it’s hard to get any tempo in our game when Commons plays out wide, he is completely useless when receiving the ball with his back to play and really slows things up.

I’d like to see him on too. To be fair to Commons he’s not playing wide today. We’ve been asking Watt and Sammy to play the channels with Commons drifting more centrally. He’s struggling though.

Commons’ attitude has annoyed the fuck out of me so far.

He has drifted wide a fair bit. Commons really irritates me as you’ve probably gathered by now, he is so one dimensional in that he needs space and time on the ball, when he receives the ball with his back to goal or in tight spaces under pressure he is a liability.

Is that Fraser lad any good for Aberdeen?