Aberdeen v Celtic

14:30 kick off. I’ll be hosting @Bandage[/USER] and [USER=6]@briantinnion for the game.

Fisher starts with both Matthews and Ambrose on the bench. Interesting. Rogic also on the bench. No Stokes or Guidetti in the squad.

Fisher, Denayer, van Dijk, Izaguirre;
Brown, Bitton,
Commons, Johansen, Armstrong;

Subs: Zaluska, Matthews, Ambrose, Scepovic, Mackay-Steven, Rogic, Forrest

Looking forward to seeing how Fisher gets on but slightly disappointed that GMS has been left out.

Not sure if I’m obliged to bring a present over every time I visit. Please advise, @Rocko. Making a quick dash to the shop now.

A guard of honour by Aberdeen for the champions .

Is Derek McInnes wearing a tracksuit top under his suit jacket?

Very timely interception from Johansen there. That looked like it was going to be very straightforward for McGinn.

Decent hit from Robson there but flies wide. Even so far.

Fortunate there. Hayes dinked a cross in and we had only Fisher on his own against 3 Aberdeen attackers but the cross picked him out and he defended it well in fairness. We still have a habit of both centre backs getting sucked out wide - particularly to our left. Virgil is better at maintaining his position.

Aberdeen having an excellent spell. McGinn roasted Fisher there and after a scramble Reynolds nearly poked home.

Fisher, aside from that important clearing header, has been very pedestrian. Caught out of position a few times and skinned on a couple of occasions too.

Armstrong and Commons have been very quiet. Johansen always seems to be able to get himself involved, even when we’re under pressure.

That was a chance for Griffiths and a lovely ball from Denayer but Griffiths slipped just as he was taking the ball in.

Great strength from Johansen there but you’re just not allowed show strength like that in the hoops.

Super chance for Johansen. Lovely ball from Virgil.

Better spell from Celtic finally. Griffiths looks like he’ll get in behind them soon. Few half opportunities that have just broken down with the pass to release him or his first touch.

Big chance for Fisher after a tidy ball inside from Griffiths but he blazed over.

Armstrong has been a little loose today but at least he’s coming into the game more. Commons is anonymous.

The SFA bought a really cheap version of that vanishing spray. It disappears the second it touches the ground.

Sorry that @briantinnion[/USER] is so late, [USER=1]@Rocko. I won’t ask you to pause live TV but we’ll probably miss from minute 54 to 72 when we en route to Fingal.

That is some goal.

Scott Brown. Awesome from start to finish.

Christ, McGinn has walked past Fisher twice since half time.