Abortion Referendum Thread


It’d be gas if RTE invited priests on everytime they needed a pro-life spokesperson


We know the role of the church & state back then but the taliban ??? Cop on .


I said what I said - who the fuck are the Iona institute to have any say at all on this? They are a privately funded pressure group with an extreme right wing catholic ideology - where they get their money fuck knows - but they would have us back bowing to priests in the street and banning condoms and every other restrictive measure associated with the catholic church. - People with such fundamentalist religious views and unknown funding shouldnt be let near any debate but they pop up on RTE time and time again.


They have a view and argue that . There will be a referendum and let the people decide . Btw what is your criteria to decide who should debate on RTE ?? I think tonight’s discussion concerned TV3 ?!


So you think any organisation with dubious funding shouldnt be let near public debate? And you’ve just joined SF?


They are funded by religious nuts - and are pushing a religious nut agenda - - - religion has no place in any debate unless it is about religion. Where was their voice, or the voice of the church, when the country was going bankrupt due to corruption? When the dole queues were around the block and airports were full of people having to leave? They seem to be very quiet on that type of stuff - stuff like homelessness and the likes –


Good one, lurch.


Dont half of these cunts in the Iona dismiss evolution???


Large similarities between sf and the church. Dodgy funding, secret voting, paedo shuffling…


You can lay that charge at all the big parties in the state - they all have a murky past and were in power when a lot of abuse on many different levels transpired.

Fuck up.


And youre one to talk – A so called leftist Labour party that openly supports the well-off and fists the less well-off …





This issue transcends politics . Frankly the more bodies beyond the body politic involved is to be welcomed .


Iona institute isnt a body or an institute - it’s rich people in positions of influence using other rich people’s money to push a right wing catholic agenda - not just on abortion but on everything from schools to same sex etc. etc. – Who the fuck are they to tell anyone how to live? Elected officials is one thing - medical people - psychologists - whatever side they are on — but religious fundamentalists have no place at the table.


Whataboutery alert.


This is correct. The problem with the Iona crowd is that they are on every debate going, all of them.

Why are they deemed so worthy of this exposure?

They are extremists who do not deserve such a profile on TV. Why are they getting it??




I’d fund iona, 20 quid gets ya 1000 flyers, worth every penny to keep this evil out of Ireland.


What evil?


That was the attitude that prevailed about Sinn Fein IRA in 1980s Britain.

As a supporter of Jordan Peterson I thought you would be against censorship of ideas and debate. The best way to expose nonsense is to bring it into the light


The Iona fucks have been exposed enough over the years - do we really need to continue to listen to their dangerous views? They are clearly buying their way onto national airwaves to try influence people … that’s exactly how the last referendum went when pro choice was silenced and the fundamentalist right were backed by church and state. I’m all for fair debate, but they have no right or place at the table, what qualifies them to be there?