Abortion Referendum Thread


@Robert_Emmet get donations and supporters and off you go, nobody is stopping you.


Surprised this thread didn’t get an airing today


It’s nothing we didn’t know weeks ago. Box ticking exercise in cabinet after the Supreme Court ruling yesterday.


The reason the Iona institute get so much airtime is that broadcasters completely misinterpret broadcasting laws. They think that any time they want to have a debate on certain issues they need to line up a speaker diametrically opposed to whatever any sort of progressive person is advocating. The only crowd they can find that are absolutely against everything are the iona cunts, so they got on again and again. They then appear so often that people think that they must be worth respecting somehow, when really they are just a load of backward ass Catholic fuckwits.


Well said @Robert_Emmet and @glasagusban. These right wing, extremist headbangers have no place in society.


Maria Steen who is now the public face face of Iona is a barrister and architect. She is married to Neil Steen who is a senior counsel. Her father is Sean Davin who is an auctioneer and was a big noise on the the Dublin property scene a couple of decades ago. He has donated to Senator Ronan Mullens election campaigns.


Maria is a very good looking lady.


I’d leave it as reasonably attractive.



You have a remarkable knowledge of the Irish Illuminati and their family trees .


Throw up a photo there dodgy



Decent albeit on a bad hair day ??



Maria would be, what, mid to late 40’s?

Those pictures don’t do her justice imo.


They are the Alan Hunter (Irish Football Supporters’* Association) of social policy debates.





Money and influence.


Are the Iona Institute like Opus Dei ?


Yes…and no…they are a pressure group of very well educated and well to do folk who are funded by fuck knows who to push an extreme view similar to OD.


Would there be a link to the Knights of Columbanus? The name Iona would suggest so.