Abortion Referendum Thread


They have infiltrated Irish soccer too. Giovanni Trappatoni is a member of Opus Dei.


That lesbian yokel from UL, I can’t be arsed to look up her name and I think its Alva something or other, is wheeled out by the pro abortion crowd a bit too much for my liking. Her and Badchips are amongst the most insufferable of the pro aborts.

I had to laugh at the news last evening when Badchips was bemoaning the lack of balance and democracy in electing women to our houses of legislature. Remind me how many people elected her to a cushty number in the Seanad again? Like that prick ORiordan, a metrosexual bollocks if ever there was one.


You’re a very angry man. Are you ever happy?


globally the world is turning against these types of pricks, snowflakes, metrosexuals, lefty headbaners and the other assorted losers, the rise of strong men like Donald Trump and Putin will put an end to their shite, unfortunately, Oireland as always will be last to the party


Don’t forget Mrs May.


Very snide post, as somebody who was homeschooled myself I think I still have the right to have an opinion on the different types of school


An opinion is ok, mate…but these people are spending big money so they can force the gen pop to attend Catholic run schools in their locality…they want the church to have a monopoly on schools but refuse to send their own kids to these schools…obviously the schools are not ultra Catholic enough and their kids might learn about things like evolution


A very happy man indeed. A wife and family whom I look after and who appreciate all I do and have done. I work hard and volunteer man many hours to my local community. I am unashamedly anti abortion despiute being of the opinion that there are situations where the termination of a pregnancy is necessary to save the life of the mother. However, I don’t believe that anywhere 190,000 women in the UK every year have a crisis pregnancy. I also don’t believe that the likes of the aforementioned bint from UL, Badchips or O’Riordán want to stop at that and want abortion for all and no reason at any stage of pregnancy.

Batt and family will be voting no to repealing the 8th amendment.


Lads, there must have been around 10m at the anti-women march today. I first crossed paths with the start of the march heading up Westland Row as I was walking in along Pearse Street. I kept going in along Pearse Street, headed down D’Olier Street, over O’Connell Bridge on my way to Henry Street and they were still snaking down O’Connell Street. The length of it went from Westland Row all the way back down to George’s Quay, over the bridge down there, all the way up along to Eden Quay and around the corner to O’Connell Street. RTÉ said 15k but it was around 10m definitely. Little brainwashed kids holding placards and banners. It was very very very upsetting.


Top man batt


You come across as an extremely angry and intolerant individual.


Are you happy for Irish women to continue traveling to England to gain an abortion? That’s all a no vote will do. Abortion is here and it’s not going away if you vote no.


Do you reckon they should legalise pedophilia pal, or are you happy that men are just getting the ferry to Thailand. Pedophilia is here and its not going away if you vote no.


That’s a retarded argument.


So you’ve no comeback, you could have just said so.


Are you drunk?


No. Still no comeback i see.


I’m happy as the law stands at the moment and we don’t open the door for the slaughter of unborn babies, more so people actually thinking it’s right .


I can’t wait until it’s introduced and we slaughter the shit out of thousands upon thousands of em… Dump the bastards by the truck load down a pit… Might even be a job in it for some one with below average intelligence such as yourself.