Abortion Referendum Thread


Ha ha I can go around from clinic to clinic collecting them like a tampon man.


You were in the Aviva mate


I think this vote could be tighter than many expect…

They had a vox pop on the radio today from people at the march. One old lady seemed to sum up the mood of those present - “we have to let people know - choice = kill.”

I’d love to see Coppinger and that weasel Simon Harris sickened if it was defeated.


I hope that doesn’t influence your vote.


No, but an added bonus.


Grand so.


I am predicting that there will be some amount of screeching done at the end of this. You’ll have every soft headed tosser threatening to lave the country. Others will be ‘ashamed to be oirish’. Mark my words. These folk are used to getting their own way in recent times there will be a savage meltdown. It will be worth watching.


The blue shirts think this a done deal. By god we’ll answer them on voting day.


They could well do but I think it will carry by 57 to 43 . .

To be honest the No people need to turn it in to an anti establishment vote and present it as such .


It’s Mattie McGrath, Peter Fitzpatrick, Patrick O’Donovan and a few more against the rest of The Dail.

It would be a most stunning upset if, vastly outnumbered, they can pull it off.


If they pulled it off more often, there would be less need for abortion.


Was that vox pop on Limerick radio or Bog FM?

Pro-repeal is polling at 60%, the urbane, open-minded voters of this country have made up their minds. The 8th will be repealed.

The pro-life headbangers can shriek all they like, just like the marriage equality referendum, this one is in the bag.




4FM, pal.

Think this could be like the Nice Treaty part one. All the establishment telling the people to do one thing but end up been given two fingers in the privacy of the ballot box…

Nearly 40% opposed gay marriage and I think there is a far stronger cohort of pro life voters in this debate…


I love reading guff like this.


So it will be similar to your reaction when the gay marriage referendum was passed?
Hate to say it mate but you are out if touch with modern ireland


This is different. This is about little babies.


He was the same during the marriage equality referendum. Right up to the actual day of the vote he assured us the silent majority would vote it down. He hasn’t learned from his mistakes at all.

He’s a dinosaur.


He is angry that he is out of touch with modern ireland


If modern oireland wants to murder little babies, then yes I’m out of touch with it.