Abortion Referendum Thread


So when this one falls flat, which imaginary compatriot of yours will have the honour of being your handle next and will you refer to previous ones like Totti, Bummer Destroy (sp.) etc. in your posts.

I hope so because that’s hilarious :laughing:


I’m just you’ll get the likes from the hate mob for that one.


Take a breath before you type, mate, use your anger constructively.


You must be confusing me for someone who is angry.


Succinct my hole.


The frustrationist feeding on the scraps because he has an inferiority complex about his ability to form a strong argument.


confidential hotline would work


Is this the Eastern Front?


@Robert_Emmet, this chimes with my recent posts on broadcasters consistently rolling out the Iona institute to argue against everything. Well done to the BAI for getting off its arse and issuing some guidance in advance of the referendum, although it’s still a bit wooly hopefully it will encourage and empower broadcasters to host a better standard of debate.



Has @The_Selfish_Giant abandoned his pet here, not a patronising like or support message in sight as @Cicero_Dandi is getting absolutely battered beyond belief for about 8 hours solid?



Who are the abortionists here? I want to know who is worthy of my interaction.


Is your function here to be a spambot who just posts propaganda against me? You used to be neurotic, now you’re even more so.


odd post

@Cicero_Dandi destroys people on here on a daily basis, why would he need my support to do something that he does with ease


You forgot the Mary Poppins thing that time. :hushed:


You might want to look over this thread mate, he’s taken an awful awful kicking today, he could do with a real dig out


I hope something really horrible happens to you someday soon.

Hopefully nothing that effects anyone else. Just you.



No need for me to wish you ill as you seem very unhappy with life as it is.



This crowd are genuinely fucked up, beware


Celtic Scaffolding Systems obviously


You are a Nordie prick indoctrinated with fundamentalist proddie horseshit. The Republic of Ireland has moved on from your religious mumbo jumbo, as you will discover in the upcoming referendum.

If you don’t like it, fuck off back to Tyrone and marry a fellow asexual.