Abortion Referendum Thread


Odd that your response to a question is a stock “if you don’t know what it is then you shouldn’t be commenting”. Why can’t you address a straight forward question on a term you brought into the debate?

That’s fairly weak on the DS angle. You either think it’s wrong that parents can abort children on the case of a disability or you don’t. Abortion raises the ability to do so and from a human point of view I find it disgusting.


I made a comment on a very widely used and understood phrase to do with pregnancies and the necessity in cases to have a choice of abortion. If you cant understand the term, then you really should do more research and understand what is actually going on. I’m not here to hold your hand and explain very simple terms and language used commonly. The fact that you need explaining on what is a non viable pregnancy shows your very basic lack of knowledge on these matters.

Its not a weak angle, its my opinion. You have yours. It would not be a choice I’d make, and I also do not believe that it is a choice many would make as under the proposed legislation it would fall outside of the legalities of doing so. I would not agree with parents who would make the decision to do so. However I do believe the option of abortion should be available as it is a necessity in a lot of cases and if a pregnancy is going to be terminated, it will happen whether is here or in England. We should be doing what we can to ensure the right medical support is here for those who feel they have to do so.

Also, what has not been discussed much is the necessity of removing the 8th amendment in its current guise due to the danger it poses to wanted pregnancies that during pregnancy or later on during birth when complications occur. Medical practitioners are caught under the legislation to treat both mother and child in the womb as equal, and thereby causing greater risk to the mother carrying the child. If a complication arose, most partners if faced with a horrible choice of who to ensure is given priority would always pick the mother, however this question under the current legislation cannot be asked and doctors are forced to work on both equally, even though it could put the mothers life at risk. The above has nothing to do with abortions, but has everything to do with the 8th amendment and is currently affecting every wanted pregnancy.


If the complainant in Jackson rugby case became pregnant from that night would you make her carry baby to term.


Telling that you can’t address a simple clarification on a term you brought into the debate. Indeed, instead of addressing the simple query, you have refused to and repeated a refusal to address that. One would almost think it’s something you can’t explain and are merely hoping to muddy waters with its vagueness.

Time to put up or shut up.


You really are a complete and utter fucking eejit.


you genuinely are a stupid cunt. you call yourself a master debater but yet instead of actually discussing any points, you try pick one thing to harp on about that has absolutely no relevance to the discussion and bore the person to death.

As I said, you are the one who does not understand a simple phrase. Google it if you have to do. there is nothing vague about non viable pregnancies. The fact that this is the only thing you are going on about shows your complete lack of knowledge and understanding of the debate.

When you have some knowledge, come back and debate the points if you wish, but I am not holding your hand and explaining simple terms to you that are central points to the discussion. I will not be discussing your need to have things explained to you any further.


Rational debate over your head too.

I’ve coined the term “frustrationist” for you. You are unable to debate anything at all.


I dont understand why people continue to engage with it — it’s the same thing over and over and over.


Listen mate, until you actually clarify the term you brought into the debate and stop continuing to avoid that request, aided by snipey insults, we will just continue to presume you don’t know what you’re talking about.

Your veiled threats about not questioning you on matters you don’t like is apparent again. Time and time you interject on real contrary grounds but runaway when you have to stand behind your emotional and illogical grounds. Nothing new here either.


so nothing new to add? nothing to retort or debate?


It’s not just that you’re thick, you’re wilfully ignorant and refuse to educate yourself. Because of this your opinion is not valid.

You’re a fucking fool.


‘Homes’ doesn’t conjure up nice feeling though. If we’re going to keep these harlots out of sight and mind, then let’s at least make it sound like they are being taken care of whereas in reality they will be ‘taken care of’.

Laundromat or call centre or somesuch.


Nothing to add to the debate as usual, just baseless frustration. Empty, throwaway comment from you as usual.


We are already aware that you are a man of little moral substance, it is now clear you are one of little intellectual substance either.

You may participate in discussion once you inform yourself, until then, you remain a wilfully ignorant fool.


You’re expecting an actual debate from the site’s prime wumbot? C’man pal, you’re fucking long enough in the tooth around here to know better.


I’m not the one who brought a term into the debate which he doesn’t understand and got pissy when pulled about it. I see you’re another one who prefers propaganda to reality.


ah I was giving him a chance to change tact without conceding face.


I’m a man who backs himself in a debate, who is able to put his point across succinctly, spots weaknesses in his opponent’s debate. I’m able corner them on these areas while steadfastly defending my own argument and generally watch them fall apart as the frustrationists and propagandists come wading in with their baseless claims.

I am a master debater and you are incapable of debating, which is why you’ve taken on an ancillary role for the haters.

I’ve already asked @Gman to elaborate his use of the term, but that is the thing about spoofers. It’s hard to explain what you don’t know.


Yeah, whatever mate, you can keep reeling them in with your ‘master debater’ technique, I’ll stand back and laugh as per.
I just wish you’d put a bit of originality into your new persona sometimes. Do you not get bored of the same thing over and over and over and over ad inf?

Master Debater :laughing:
Almost as funny as ‘Internet Juggernaut’ :laughing:
Ah, I 'member.


That’s more propaganda.

Fear projected as knowledge, not very convincing to the realists of this forum.