About Ye

I have to admit to have forgotten about this part of the internet, just found an old memory stick that I’d backed up old bookmarks on and here was 1 of them.

So how is everyone? Or is it the same as ever and everyone is fine so f**k off

Do you live in Australia?

You censured me over on boards.ie a few months back.
You hurt me deeply and I never returned to there.

Nope, I live in the Banner county, although I was in Australia for a holiday a while back, unlike most Irish people I didn’t spend 11 months in O’Brien’s in Kings Cross and a month going from Summer Bay to the Whit Islands

You probably deserved it :slight_smile:

TFK trivia:
Clareman and I are responsible for the little man icon in your address bar.
Welcome back old bean.

welcome back cm

Travel snob eh?

“No, I didn’t do the usual tourist trail. I went out the back @rse of nowhere and took a few pictures of some plants. The scenery was breathtaking. I’m so cool cos I did something different.”

Fuck off with yourself.

Cheers Cluain, nice to see someone remembers me

That is neither here nor there.

The issue of your whereabouts was actually raised on the missing posters thread not so long ago.

Fuck right off Pussy, just cause you’re looking forward to fucking off with your litter to Ballybunnion in a couple of weeks doesn’t mean that normal people can’t talk about their holidays.

I miss this place already :smiley:

Did you leave again?

Welcome back. Any chance you’ve been in touch with Puke recently? Do you know ClareGirl?

I had a computer crash and a load of work pile up about a year ago so I think that’s when I disappeared, not to mention getting married seemed to curtail the amount of time I spend online

I should say that Rocko played a hand too.
Whatever, fuck off Rocko! :smiley:

I never went any where bro

Don’t know either of them in real life or online

Did you spend 20k on the engagement ring?

Did you kill your irritating work colleague?

ClareGirl was an alright sort. Was having some trouble with the fiancé slapping her around there for a bit, never heard how it finished up.

8k on an engagement ring, that was in 07. Spent just over 20k on a wedding in 09, but that included 10k on a honeymoon so I’m not completely mad

Cheap bastard. Runt spent double that in New York.