Acts of despicable stingyness thread

The canteen in my place of work have an an offer of Tea/Coffee, scone, butter and a jam for €2. Not a kings ransom in anyone’s book. One of my co-workers can’t bring himself to pay the 25c for the jam as part of this deal, and has bought a box of 100 jams from Musgrave or somewhere like it. So he brings down his single jam every morning and buys the rest of the combination for €1.75. We’ve calculated that he’ll save himself €15.80 over a six month period, while shaming himself every morning. Why would you fucking bother.


That’s money for jam.


I’d do something like that, I love getting one over on fuckers like that


Ah that’s very good

Ah, lovely.

There was a lad I was in college with who was the tightest fucker I ever came across. His antics were (and still are to this day) a running joke among our group of friends. He had to be seen to be believed he was that stingy.

On nights out he’d appear out of nowhere when someone was getting a round in. When it would come to paying a round back he’d just go “I’ll call around tomorrow to your gaff with a can and we’ll be quits.” When you were pissed you’d think nothing of it but it was many the Thursday afternoon when we’d be panned out on the couch after a heavy session when he’d arrive on with a single can of cheap ale (usually Dutch Gold or Tuborg) and proudly declare “that’s for the drink I owe you from last night.”

Same lad used to cut his own hair and had no shame in telling us.

On another occasion he was in town at a shop where they had some 10% off for students promotion. Anyway he arrived on one day but forgot his student card. Person behind the counter said sorry but you need a student card to avail of the offer. He got right thick, emptied his bag with all his college notes on the till in front of him. “Do you still think I’m not a fucking student?” he roared as a queue was building up behind him at the counter. Wouldn’t mind but the total only came to €30 or something, he only saved himself €3 for a finish. :smile:

Was only talking about him at the weekend to a few of the lads. Wicklow lad, think he is off travelling around Asia now.


I knew a fella who used to push his car down to the local shop to fill it up with petrol rather than turn it on and waste the petrol driving down. The shop was 50yds or thereabouts from his house. He’d be standing out of the car kind of jogging with it while steering and pushing it and when the time came would jump in and hit the brakes. He did it for years and i don’t recall a single accident or tip in all that time.


Peeling an orange in your pocket.

Lads tailgating heavy goods vehicles at M50 toll

Risking their lives for two quid


FFS :joy:

Does this actually happen?

It does. It’s fucking scarifying when you see it in front of you.

I hope this gets the one more like necessary for the Earned Nice Post.

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With boxing gloves on?

Mrs KP and myself know a couple (both high paid civil servants) who wouldn’t dare buy tea or coffee. Anytime you call around your be served a Bewleys sache robbed from work etc.

They recently had their first baby and when we called around the place was noticeably cool. I didnt bother taking off the jacket at all. I doubt they even bother with the heating.

Before Mrs Scrooge landed Mr Scrooge there were numerous episodes of her stinginess over the years. She would regularly bring a tenner on a night out and had to make it last no matter what.


I used never put the heat on either when I was living at home, I’d always wear an extra jumper and a jacket, whats the point when you are on your own?

Agree, it was the baby i felt sorry for but he was well wrapped in fairness.

One of your better ones, in fairness.

Thanks Fagan.

Oh, go on then so…