Great read. Put it in the equine thread aswell.


An addiction to lying is an awful thing

What about your addiction to this place and your inability to ever log off for more than ten minutes? That can’t healthy.


It’s very sad to see young lads succumb to an addiction. Even sadder for the families.


Nearly 3 days in vs cigarettes, this time its for good.


Breaks my heart. Some lads aren’t cut out for such things.

Had a family friend who struggled with fags for years. Ticker gave him hassle and the doctors warned him he’d be gone soon if he didn’t give them up. Not a bother sense. Anybody that’s smoking in this day and age needs their heads examined. It’s selfish too among other things in my opinion.

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I was off them for 3 years and went back smoking in 2010, done now for good…horrible habit.

I was once told I had an addiction to lying

Lying in bed in the morning

Couldn’t lie about that says I

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It’s all mental imo.

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Everything is mate, literally.

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Id say the amount of fellas in this situation without anyone knowing is unbelievable. A plague


Very true.

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There was a fella on the radio earlier who’s addicted to porn

I often think addiction might just be a mental deficiency manifesting itself. The kind of lad that’s addicted to gambling could just as easy be addicted to drink or drugs. There’s a void there that life can’t fill.


Agreed. A want of sorts.

I don’t know how anybody can compare drugs to gambling. Gambling drives fellas because they aren’t good at it or can’t make it pay. There’s literally substances in drugs that are designed to make you want more.

Smoking cigarettes is highly physically addictive

You know very little about addiction if that’s your view. The parallels between drink, drugs and gambling are uncanny


They’re not really.

It’s all in your head.