AFL 2022

Season started yesterday with a repeat of the Grand Final and Melbourne once again winning.

Good game here between Carlton and Richmond with Carlton finishing strong and have kicked 7 in a row to lead by 23 with about 5 mins left.

I was waiting for you to start a new thread before commenting. Prestia loss has been huge for Richmond.

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Western Bulldogs coach, Luke Beveridge, not holdig back after Wednesday night’s loss.

Saw that alright. Really went after Morris. Morris is now being cancelled with audio leaks calling a colleague lesbian. Whole thing is fucked up

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Morris cancelled! All over getting a scoop on the doggies team and Bevo going nuts at him.

Good game here, saints looked like they were back in it but the pies just kicked a couple to open it up again

Buddy has kicked 1,000 and the fans are loving it

I see Carlton beat Footscray yesterday and have now won two out of two.

I watched a bit of a Carlton v Collingwood match around this time last year and I was impressed with what seemed to me to be a promising young Blues team, who played some lovely footy before losing to a Magpies team who would quickly prove to be in meltdown.

On the basis of being impressed by that half an hour I saw of them a year ago, and the fact this year they have now beaten three times premiers Richmond and last year’s vice premiers Footscray, am I right in saying that the Old Dark Navy Blues are about to awaken from their long slumber?

They are looking good. Patrick Cripps is playing really well, and I tipped him offline to a prominent long odds gambler on here to a 12-1 Brownlow. They picked up Cerra from Freo which was a big signing to add to their midfield, Sam Walsh resigned, Harry McKay won the Coleman last year, Michael Voss coming in as coach and a change to their CEO, they definitely have all the signs of a team who can do it. Whether a team who has won fuck all games for the last few years can make that change quickly is another thing, but they’ve made good off field adjustments to get them right for a good crack this year.

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Buddy is Sydney.

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Nice to see a former Laois captain storming the pitch there



He’s a good fella Zach. Lost to us entirely now but good luck to him. Probably won’t win the big one out there now either at this stage

No, year before last was the chance and they fucked it up. Great career there tho.

He wont ever win the big one with Portlaoise now either.

Not in Australia he won’t

You watching @Gman ? Some finish.

Adelaide kick after the siren to win it. 90-92


Incredible win for Adelaide.

Unreal! Some bend on that kick. Fierce fucking stupid out of the PA player though