AFL 2023

We’re up and running, enjoy @fitzy ol pal.

2023 Irish AFL players
Mark Keane (Adelaide)
Darragh Joyce (Brisbane)
James Madden (Brisbane)
Conor McKenna (Brisbane)
Cian McBride (Essendon)
Oisin Mullin (Geelong)
Mark O’Connor (Geelong)
Zach Tuohy (Geelong)
Callum Brown (GWS Giants)
Fionn O’Hara (Hawthorn)
Conor Nash (Hawthorn)


go Lions

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Some game this between Geelong & Collingwood. Cats look like pulling away every 10 minutes but Collingwood keep reeling them back in. Cats by 6 heading into the 4th at a raucous MCG.

3 in a row for Collingwood. They lead by 12. Remarkable.

7 in a row and up by 20. Great game. Pity about Howes injury tho

McKenna and Darragh Joyce both starting for the Lions today against the Bulldogs. Good to see Joyce getting in so quickly, he didnt get much of a look in at St Kilda and I half expected him to come home.

Mark O’Connor splits the sticks

just over 5 mins left in the Anzac game between Essendon and Collingwood and the pies up by 7. They were down a heap at the start of the 4th and have completely turned it around. good finish

And a kick after the siren puts a 13 point win on the board. Shocking collapse by Essendon, had a chance to really put themselves up in the top tier with that one. Thats a sickener for them. Outscored by 7 goals to 0 in the 4th quarter.

If the GAA were in charge they’d get rid of this tradition and put on an under 20 blitz with the Bendigo Bullants, the Northern Gippers, the Fitzcray Flappers and the Canberra Crappers.

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Oisín Mullin named to start for the Cats on Saturday. Some going. He’s going to be an absolute weapon.

The brother like a bull he got woke up.

That’s no Mayo accent

Thats fucking dreadful.

Cats have stormed back in the 4th here. They trail by two to GWS. 5 minutes to go.

Mullin has been impressive on debut.

GWS nail one to go 8 up. That might clinch it.

He was very good, didnt look out of place at all. For his 5th ever game and was on the upper end of Geelongs better players is fair going

Callum Brown starting forward for GWS today and he’s ballin’.

No hope of Derry getting him back anytime soon so.