AI SHC Semi-Final Killkenny v Tipperary

Only three days left until the throw-in for the biggest game of the year.
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I’ll be supporting Tipperary in this one.

Tipp injury worries for Eoin Kelly and Gearoid Ryan.
John O’Brien unlikely to play after a family bereavement.
Big question marks over Tipperary coming into this, I’d imagine KK will target the right side of the defence - Stapleton and O’Brien. Shefflin on O’Brien would be a worrying match-up from a Tipp perspective.
Brendan Maher and Shane McGrath still struggling to find their 2010 form, even if they do Fennelly and Rice will still take stopping.
All in all it’s Kilkenny’s to lose…

A draw

To who?

Are you a Catholic Jew or a Protestant Jew?

Can’t see Declan Ryan switching Paudie Maher and Cahill from the left side of defence and moving Stapleton and O’Brien over there

Condolences to the O’Brien family.

I wasn’t that hopeful coming into this match. Our perfomances in the previous 2 matches were patchy at best.
After talking to a few people yesterday I’m a bit more hopeful. I think we can do it. The behind closed trainings have been going very well I have heard. I’d love if we came out with something totally new tactically in this. We’ll see.

I still think we are weak enough favourites. We can win if we turn up and play like I know we can. It seems harder and harder for this team to hit the high standards they have set for themselves though.

KK by 3 in hope more than expectation.

i’m waiting for locke’s prediction

Tipp by 3 or 4. This is a far bigger game for them than it is for us and the fear of losing will drive them over the line.

KK by 10. This will be there swan song and they will give it everything.

Good to get the clarification above that Kilkenny are flying in training.

Apparently the matches they have in training are something else. Harder than any championship match.

If Tipp lose, Declan Ryan will have to go.

Will be interesting to see who would replace him. English has no interest in returning and I doubt Hogan would either after the abuse he received last time. Doubt Sheedy would want back in this soon either. After that standout candidates would be thin on the ground.

I was talking to a relation of mine who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows one of Noel Hickey’s cows and the word in the fields in Kilkenny is that they’ve never been as fired up for a championship match.

if they lost and it happened it would be a very very harsh sacking…in his 2 years they’ve won 2 munsters and only ever lost match to probably the greatest team to ever play the game…

the cows ? … :o

Even the cows in Kilkenny are fired up for this one. Your average Kilkenny cow knows her hurling better than most humans from other counties. That’s Kilkenny for you.

especially down around Mooncoin… …sorry…

Kilmacow too obvious?