Albums and New Music of 2017


Listening to my first new record of the year here.

Brian Eno. Reflection.


Is @Turenne banned from this thread?




No he is not.


I’m out.


Signing out


Don’t let the door hit your arses on the way out lads.


Transpires, I was listening to it at the wrong speed.


Does he doing like Alvin from the Chipmunks?


Other way round farmer. I was playing it at 33 instead of 45.


Is it any good mate?

I had an Eno trip to work earlier. Another Green World - 10 out of 10 album. Also had to listen to An Ending (Ascent) while I was there.

The man is a genius.


A pure genius farmer. Album is very good in my view, but it’s very very chilled.


A poor man’s Syd Barrett…


Who is a poor mans Syd Barrett?




I’m hoping that’s what he means.


Ah some of Eno’s early stuff is a bit whacky and out there… Banging about in a little canoe etc… I’ve not listened to a pile of his later stuff but some of his ambient stuff is super… Even the stuff I’m not big into you can hear a shit load of artists that he influenced - Bowie / talking heads especially…I’ve never thrown myself fully into his back catalogue tho.

By the River is a beautiful track - it seems for all his whacky tunes he then produces something sublime to accompany it… But what do I know? Fuck all says you…


I imagine you know plenty.


Phil Collins plays the drums on Another Green World.


I went on a recon mission there - There’s Eno play-list up on Spotify and i’ve let it play on random awarding Y (approve) M (meh) and N (disapprove) ratings

Rain Whistling – y
Shadow – m
Iced world – leaning on y
Jezebel spirit – y
Roman Twilight - Y
The Roil, the Choke – y
Needles in the camel’s eye – Y
Very very hungry – Y
Cindy tells me – meh
Here he comes – Meh
Drift – Y
Bock drop – n
Written, forgotten – Y
Thursday afternoon – Y still listening (tho not for work – almost dozed off)

Far more positives than negatives there.