Albums and New Music of 2017


Downloaded about 8 new albums there, will give my impressions during the week. @carryharry ChocolateMice


I listened to the new XX album while out on my morning run. It seems fairly shite on first listen. No progression from the last album. A lot of samey songs blending into each other.

cc @Phil_Leotardo


It got an awful hammering in the Sunday Times last week pal, not that I’d use that as a barometer for anything cultural.

They’re well overrated IMHO. Their first album was ok but everything’s a bit samey with them.


I got Migration by Bonobo there this morning. Very nice album.


I hadn’t seen any reviews of it - I saw a social media post from the band announcing the new album yesterday so listened via spotify without knowing anything about it. Pretty uninspiring alright though I thought the debut album was very good.


Nice that the critics agreed with you all the same.


I’m only aware of a negative Sunday Times review which has no impact on me.


Have you listened to Jamie XX’s last solo album “In Colour”? It’s excellent.

I have not had a chance to listen to the new XX album yet. I did hear that it’s quite samey alright


Listening to this now. Nice tunes


Looking forward to giving that a listen, have tickets to see them in vicar st too.


I haven’t but I’ll give it a go.


It’s an album that seriously grows on you after a number of listens. Heavily influenced by some old school garage and house anthems.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have pal.
I’ll eagerly await your verdict after a few jogs.


Not strictly an album of 2017, mainly because it is an album of 2016, but I would highly recommend Planxty Between the Jigs and the Reels, a Retrospective. I only got it yesterday so I hwavent watched the DVD yet but the CD is super.


Have deleted all non-2017 albums off my iPod. The new Bonobo is stunning.


I like it a lot.


New Ed Sheeran song bodes well for his new album. An artist maturing and progressing.


@Fagan_ODowd, interview with Eno in Guardian online.


@Bandage thoughts on “In Colour” ?


You can see him in the 3Arena in April.


Bonobo still the album of the year so far.

New Elbow and Ty Segall sound promising, also like the new Wiley (grime) and Migos (Hip-Hop).

The XX album has like 4 really good songs but the rest is entirely forgettable.