Albums and New Music of 2017


Great article on Wiley here. Never realised he was largely responsible for grime, thought dizzee rascal was about before him. His quantity of output is insane as well.


This new Jens Lekman album is just lovely.

As is this new Stones Throw release from some Spanish lad I’ve never heard of:


Stormzy is the new kid on the block, although I wouldn’t classify his music as grime.


Have been giving Little Fictions by Elbow plenty of airtime since Friday. I’m a big fan and have the Marquee tickets long since secured.
Magnificent (she says) is excellent and the title track sticks out also. Working away on the rest of the songs that are pretty laid back, no big fast tempo track which isn’t very surprising. Plenty of strings subtly in the playlist which I like.


That Migos thing is fucking laughable. Go way and cop on to yourself ffs.


Its an excellent album alright.


Listening to Bonobo - Fairly good on first listen.

cc @Turenne


Yes Bonobo is decent.

Sohn’s album “Rennen” also very good.

I gave Sampha’s new album a quick spin last night. Not bad


Listened to it on my run this morning. Good
running music


The new Jens Lekman is probably my favourite album this year. Probably too ‘happy’ for this place though.


I’m going to check it out right now and call you names if I don’t like it.


If you like Genesis, you’ll enjoy it. Especially Duke. It was on Duke where Phil Collins’ presence became more apparent


Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales have team up and have a new album coming out soon - they’ve released tow songs from it - The tearjerker and a tearjerker returns.


I should add the second song is an instrumental of the first and is a lovely piece of music.


cc @feck_it


very good pal


Cc @Bandage


I’ve only now heard that the Jesus and Mary chain have released a new album in the past couple of days.
Grandaddy have a new album out as well.
Anybody heard either of these? Is it worth my while?


Two new ones arrived in the post this morning.

Clark - Death Peak.

Hauschka - What if.

I’ll listen to them tonight and inform the forum of my thoughts thereafter.


Saw Hauschka play an old church in Clonmel last summer. He was fantastic