Albums and New Music of 2017


Very good band


Mercury music prize about to start live on bbc4 now.


Listening to the new Mount Kimbie record here.



The Killers new album Wonderful Wonderful is very very good

Stand out track is Run to Cover


Listened once.

Hugely disappointed.

Will give it another shot


Really. Like all music a question of personal taste

Tyson v Douglas I also liked


Not bad.

Overall just not happening for me

Trying too hard to modernize


New Alvvays is some lovely indie pop.


liam gallagher - as you were

Strongest songs from any of the Gallagher’s since Be Here Now


The man is stuck in a time warp. From what I’ve heard of the new album it’s just shit Oasis songs on offer from 15 years ago


That’s what’s so good about it, that single on the radio is actually good enough to have been an early oasis b side, possibly even an album track.
Liam’s people have finally found somebody who can almost replicate Noel to write the songs.


Yeah it’s timeless man.




Very decent

The vocal effects on Doesn’t Have To Be That Way are top. The hangar in Weston will be lifting off to it.


One of my favourites so far


Saw these in Debarras Clonakilty last Saturday night week. Carnage. Though I’d been out since Celtic game 12. What a day


This is a fantastic piece of work. Cork people should be very very very proud of Eoin.


Its generic garbage.