Albums and New Music of 2017


Who isn’t pal?


It’s a masterpiece.


I had a dream once that i married her.
Was a good day.

Her voice and words makes me horny. Its ridiculous.



I like this


It’s such a great album


Feet don’t fail me now
Take me to the finish line


Incredible. And from Vicar Street.


Bill withers Ultimate Collection released this week

This is a lovely track


Liking the new Galaxian:



You must be bored off your head there in China?


It’s a good tune if terribly repetitive.

Mountain goats play the Button Factory on 8 October, terrible time for me but I’ll do my best.



The National’s new album on spotify from today.


Cheers, listening right now.


The new album from Grizzly Bear is really good. Had kind of forgotten about them as a band.


Load of new albums released in the past week. If anyone is stuck for a download tell me.


QOTSA new album is quite good, outstanding couple of tracks to bookend the release


I really like this song off the new album. I really like the new album too.


I like it as well after a few listens but I think they have kind of peaked. As always the quality is very high, sonics and production top notch, but wouldn’t put it at the same level of excellence as their last two albums.