All hail roddy collins

the football manager who saved potential balloon d’or pat mccourt

:smiley: Very prestigious award that one.

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ballon dor:eek::thumbsup:

How’s Roddy getting on in Malta, does anyone know?

Lost his last game 6-0, was on OTB the other night. League held up there with match fixing investigations. Quite upbeat still.

Roddy Collins is a cunt…

Roddy is currently being interviewed on Moncrieff’s show on Newstalk

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He wouldn’t know much about management but he’d know a fair bit about being out of your depth


To reiterate,

Roddy Collins is a cunt…

That is all…

When did you previously itirate it?


He after flying over Ryanair and walking down to the pier to wind lads up. Great wumming


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At least he’s not pulling any punches. I agree with him about the coaching badges and licenses. The people coaching the coaches are business men. Roddy would be a great man to have a pint with

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He’s the dubs Roy Keane

The Rod Squad was the greatest Irish comedy of all time