All Hail, Smark. The People's choice

Are you satisfied with @Smark as Celeb Spot Adjudicator?

  • Yes
  • No

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If @Smark receives less than 50% of the vote he will resign the role.
If he secures 50% or more @Brimmer_Bradley and @ProjectX are to resign from the forum.

The poll will close at 9am (or as close as reasonably possible) Thursday 28th of April 2016.

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Can we change our votes willy nilly, as the poll develops?

Yes it appears you can.

The single transferable vote

As it stands Smark survives! Only 48 hours to go

Vote early and vote often

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That is some load of shit. Fucking sheep changing their votes to go with the tide.

How has @Matty_Hislop survived?

Of course, everyone forgot about him.

What’s this got to do with me? :confused:

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@Smark is one of the only Limerick men who you can count on to perform on the big day. I expect a comfortable victory here today and his knockers to be humbled and silenced.

You are part of the brimmer/cat burglar anti smark campaign.
You have survived because people confuse with project x

Shouldn’t really be able to change your vote willy nilly.

Admins, can you not just vote and that’s it?

Not everyone is as thick as you, that’s something you need to remember.

What does this mean?

So, if he gets more than 50%, he will resign? :


Brimmer being set up for a fall here.

35 votes already… says it all… the uncertainty over the position needed to be sorted and it is something posters really care about…

And FYI- @Mullach_Ide- should it not go in Dunph’s favour, that doesn’t mean Brimmer is walking into anything - as @Big_Mick_McCarthy said, there will have to be a proper nomination process.

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I’ve between 35-40 different accounts. All the power is in my hands. I can’t wait to get rid of that brimmer cunt.


This has nothing to do with Brimmer.