All Ireland Gold or now to be known as old matches on d’tele

Davy Dalton was your archetypal 1990s warhorse. The sort who has been playing inter-county for about 17 years with no success and then right at the tail end of their inter-county career gets a sniff of it. The sort who looks about 52 years of age.

There were some great warhorses of this type in the 1990s.

Ambrose Rodgers
Liam Austin
Paddy O’Rourke
Mickey Quinn
Noel Roche
George O’Connor
Billy Byrne
Cyril Lyons
Stephen King
Davy Dalton
Willie McCreery
Sos Dowling
Jarlath Burns
Some 38 year old guy who played midfield for Corofin in 1998


Gerry Burke, Daithi’s father.

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Jimmy Houlihan Wexford hurler
Barney Maher Laois
O Hanlon Louth
Pat Baker Wicklow
Sean Grennan Offaly

Willie Joe

TJ kilgallon was was the ultimate warhorse. He used to limp around the pitch

Seamus killoran


Liam Cronin Tipp Football
Cormac Bonnar
Christy Heffernan
John Power

Joe cassels possibly even colm o Rourke. Very high proportion of blue uhlsport knee supports in there I’d say

Quane from limerick

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Warhorses you say - here’s the standard to aim for……


And a somewhat latter version……


Honeyman ? Looks like a young Kevin o brien of Wickla in background.

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The Honeymonster himself. I think it’s quite possibly Padraig Kenny of Allen Gaels in the background.

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Does he run a cold store panel business now?

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Wexford v Offaly 1996. This was a great, great day to be in Croke Park.

That’s me in the Celtic bumblebee top at 1:19:53. :grin:


:+1: On the ball.

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We’ll never see seems like that ever again. It would make you emotional just watching.

Outstanding scenes. It was a great, great day of hurling. The sun, the colour, the passion, the pure summerness of it. I always felt Offaly and Wexford was a lovely clash of colours. Croke Park lost a lot when the sun was blocked out from the Canal End side. 1996 was the year live TV coverage began for real. The Limerick-Clare game, the two Limerick-Tipp games and that Leinster final began a boom in public interest in hurling. That game was preceded by the Limerick-Tipp replay in Cork which I watched in my granny’s off the Whitworth Road before legging it down to Croke Park with lapsed forum member @Trapattoni. I think we missed the first 10-15 minutes or so and got onto Hill 16 just before Damien Fitzhenry rattled the net. I remember thinking I hadn’t seen a Leinster hurling final crowd like that before. Wikipedia says the attendance was just 34,000 but it looked a lot more than that, over 40k I’d say.


When we arise again and compete for a Leinster, then you will.

Greatest ever day, better than the AI final for many a supporter.

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Watching the 1985 show from TG4.

  • who was the Tipp cunt that stood on the Cork full backs head in the Munster final?
  • Monaghan had some year
  • the state of the Croke Park pitch for the football league final
  • Joe McNally was pollaxed by Nellegan before his first goal. He went on to score a second.

Jack Bergin

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