All Ireland Hurling championship 2018


Clare are finished Waterford are fucked


Any white smoke out of th cork hurling team?


I hope Clare gets the toughest draw next year


I haven’t a clue but I’ve heard genuine rumours that the Rock is considered a live contender.
I think Cork could well be the third best team in Ireland for a few years until or if they add serious steel, well behind Galway and Tipp


No one apart from @Fagan_ODowd could argue with that


Cork will sink to 4th/5th in Munster next year. They have no defenders.


I suppose you think limerick are better




Yes definitely a coming team.


Nae, its anti smaller counties and attempts to prevent us play in our own province


Yes but Limerick are rebuilding…


Limerick will be in the top 4 next year and will win a all Ireland within 3 years


Limerick are rebuilding every year


A whole 4 years since Clare won Liam imagine being a poor limerick man how many now @ChocolateMice


I hope Tipp get the handy side of the Munster draw, avoiding Waterford and Cork and essentially getting a bye to a Munster Final. We haven’t lost a Munster final since '06 so I’d say that would get us straight into an All Ireland Semi.


I want tipp and cork on the Clare side of the draw get and we might get rid of the two thick townies
Over Clare


The Central Council motion has passed. So we’re having a round robin in Munster and Leinster next year.


How exactly will this work?


No qualifiers. Two groups of five, everybody plays each other. Two top teams play in provincial final and go forward to All Ireland Semis


As per the GAA website.