All Ireland Hurling championship 2018


I’ve read that a few times and still not sure how it works. Provincial winners straight to semi, runners up and 3rd place to quarters. 4th and 5th play off to make the quarters. The tier 2 top 2 play the 3rd placed teams to make the quarters??


Wouldn’t really be in favour of this.

Less scope for shocks now. Tipp were gone from Munster after losing to Cork in the quarter final this year, under the new system they’ll have three more games to reach a Munster final.

Five games to win a provincial title now. Another two to win the A-I. How they are meant to fit in club matches I don’t know. Club championships shut down in most counties during the summer as it is. Moving the A-I forward a week or two won’t be a panacea.

It’s not without its benefits either and is probably worth experimenting with. Every county will get four games, including two matches at home. A Limerick v Cork winner takes all clash in the Gaelic Grounds with the winner into the Munster final would generate a bit of a buzz.

Personally I think the championship was grand the way it was. This seems a knee jerk reaction to the football Super 8’s. Another attempt to squeeze more money out of supporters.


An awful slight to Carlow hurling after winning the 2017 Christy Ring Cup and earning the right to compete again for the Liam McCarthy Cup.


complete knee jerk to the super 8s in football cheer led by a few who panicked and a few some of who did a u turn after. the hurling was fine

anyways Kerry back chasing de Christy ring cup next year.


Unless rte have it totally wrong if Kerry win the second tier competition next year, which is very possible, then they are promoted automatically to the Munster championship with the bottom team now, so in 2019 the Munster championship may not have limerick or clare etc. in it, presumably for the first time since the gaa began. Did they actually vote for that?


Where football leads, hurling follows :smile:


Just about every change to the hurling and football championship over last 20 years had hastened the move towards elitism and has been to the detriment of emerging counties.




A load of wank. It will be scrapped after 1 year.


Yeah because those provincial championships are great :rollseyes:


They’ll surely do some offer on the 4 games for your county?


Certainly better than a round robin.


Disagree rating.


A load of wank


Buff Egan isn’t too happy about it


Confirmed on, there’ll be some war if Kerry do win the tier 2


What’s wrong with that bandwagoning idiot? The Kerryman who follows Clare.


I would be against it generally tbh. I think it’s not too bad at the moment.

I’d be interested to see the schedule of matches (and the football) to see all this time they’re supposedly freeing up for the clubs though.


Cork had an extra motion to ensure the Tier 2 winner went into Leinster rather than Munster… dunno if it passed.


At least Limerick will get plenty of good games against top teams now,should help with young players development.The league will surely be changed now with this?