All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Great contest. Second half was proper championship stuff. Gutted for the dubs


KK won you idiot.


Great effort from Dublin when everyone was expecting them to be slaughtered. Ran out steam and lost their composure with the finish line in sight. This KK team won’t win much.


That was very disappointing but a tremendously exciting match and spectacle.


They did but Dublin didn’t win a ball in the forwards once he went off


He had no hurley


I think I’m more devastated there than for any non-Limerick team ever. Would have been a serious kick-off to the championship.


Eoin Murphy MOTM


Walter is a great bit of stuff


Kk get a winning goal from a blatant free out. The kk media machine automatically go into sweep sweep mode to move on to the manly game defence.
Disgusting stuff.


Dublin back was fouled in the lead up to the winning goal.


One man bands no good to Dublin.

Gilroy while hugely disappointed with the result will have to take a massive amount of positives from that.
That performance hasn’t been seen by a Dublin team in 5 years. A real show to build something from & hopefully learn some harsh lessons.


Never in doubt


The Waterford county board should look at that and realise the benefit of home advantage.

Smaller grounds make the spectacle.


The game changed when Keaney went off. His leadership sorely missed when the game was on the line in the last few minutes. The old guard - Murphy & Fennelly - dragged them over the line.

Duignan is some brown nosing cunt.


Fuck it anyway would have been great to see the Dubs win.


Dublin fucked that away.


“Protecting our country in the Lebanon”


It was like watching the Mayo footballers v Dublin in the last few years.


Kirwan is some cunt.