All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


Ref had a really interesting view around the concept of overcarrying. Lads going for a jog with the ball in their hand and never a free given.


On the replay it looks worse. Kirwin needs a dig.


Worst ref bar none!


In the Lebanon protecting our country :joy::joy::joy: Good man Henry, you fucking geebag


That simple cunt is the new face to the kk pr machine. He’s been told to protray the kk runners to the best of his ability. That was the best he could muster.




Why are one of the 5 teams in the Leinster Championship going to get relegated but the 5th placed team in Munster is ring fenced from relegation? It really should be the other way around. 12 out of 18, two thirds of the All Ireland’s have gone to Leinster championship sides this century.


Becuase there’s only one munster dude capable of promotion. To keep things balanced I presume.


Hope Dublin keep that bit of spitefulness in their game. Was lovely to see it today.


Thank fuck we never have to see him after this year. Once you reach 50 theres a rule that you are stepped down from intercounty panel. They should have another one that if your name is Kirwan you are stepped down too. Duignan and Shefflin are a fucking scourge to listen to too.


If we want your input into washing shit stained underwear we’ll tag you, ok.


Must win game next week in Wexford now for Dublin.

But we’re going into it with a good performance under our belts against a team coming in cold.

2 wins from 4 might be enough to qualify, one win won’t be and it’s hard to see us getting a win in Pearse Stadium in the final match, even if Galway have already qualified.

We’ll need Keaney.


Paddy Smyth blatantly fouled on the way out with the ball before the last goal.

On the plus side it looks like Gilroy knows what he is doing. That’s our best championship performance since 2013


Is he not a teacher? Summer is the only time he does any work.


It must boil the piss of Dubs hurling fans that Cunningham was basically allowed to take a wrecking ball to morale and spirit within the squad over the last few years.

He absolutely ran them into the ground.


Gilroy and Tessio seem a good combo .


Galway should be looking now to make a real statement of intent when Kilkenny visit Salthill.


If Galway are already in the Leinster final and Wexford have KK beaten then Galway will as good as throw that last game to knock KK out.


Throw it? Three go through.


If that could happen it would be wonderful