All Ireland Hurling Championship 2018


I see Alan Kelly is one of the linesmen for the Kilkenny v Wexford clash this weekend.

#985 Hurling Team of the Week
1: Anthony Nash (Cork)
2: Padraic Mannion (Galway) 3: Cian O’Callaghan (Dublin) 4: Colm Spillane (Cork)
5: Shane Barrett (Dublin) 6: Ronan Maher (Tipperary) 7: Chris Crummey (Dublin)
8: Darragh Fitzgibbon (Cork) 9: Cian Lynch (Limerick)
10: Pauric Mahony (Waterford) 11: Joe Canning (Galway) 12: Tom Devine (Waterford)
13: Conor Cooney (Galway) 14: Seamus Flanagan (Limerick) 15: Jason Forde (Tipperary)


We will need a strong ref v Galway. absolute thugs like Daithí Burke assaulting kids in the Kilkenny game and getting a yellow card.


Tom Morrissey was class last weekend.

And must have got their Mahers mixed up.


Antnee Nash hahaha - bad day for the goalies if he is the best of them this week
3 Dubs in the backs and they destroyed a McDonagh cup team. Tokenism at it’s finest


Which match was this in? Thought Daithi would be overage for juvenile competitions at this stage.


he’s still going on about the superb piece of full backing by Daithi when he absolutely leveled Scanlon for coming into his patch. according to this ape Daithi should have been up before the magistrates.

He’d have got worse in training and known not to go in there if JJ was on the KK panel


kk V Galway in the leinster championship.


Cian O’Callaghan must have been very good for Dublin against Offaly. I didn’t think we’d see many better full back performances than that delivered by Conor Gleeson for Waterford on Sunday. He was some loss for Waterford in last year’s All Ireland final.


There’s all kinds of batshit crazy stuff going on. But are we really going to debate the team of the week on this thread? Really?


It’s a thundering disgrace
that more Limerick men are not on it.
Tom Morrissey might as well give up the game of hurling.


What grade?


Ah grand, thought he was on about some underage match Daithi had played to get his sharpness back.


That dunce is operating at a very low level recently, best avoided.


Still not over Willie beating Gordon in punchestown Harry?


I’m not the simpleton still commenting on a race meeting from April, kid.




He’ll probably bring up family funerals, next. The little cunt.


Give him time. Punchestown was only 6 weeks ago. He’s not over Johnny Coen’s match winning assist in last years All Ireland semi final yet and that was 10 months ago.


I thought he’d have come down with silage fever or something and he’d have forgotten about it by now.